The Wellness Warrior, Jess Ainscough + a triple threat of awesome, inspiring people

My dreams have come true. Well at least four of my dreams, and they all came true in one night. Thursday night I went to see Jess Ainscough aka The Wellness Warrior, who undoubtedly has been one of my biggest health inspirations ever, speak at her Make Peace with Your Plate seminar in Adelaide. What I was unprepared for was the fact that I would also get to see the incredible Melissa Ambrosini from Path to Wellness, Dr Nat Kringoudis who specialises in women's fertility and 2008 Australian Idol Wes Carr. These four amazing individuals teamed up together to create a night that was unforgettable, and the best part was I got to meet and chat with each of them after they had spoken. It was like meeting the cast of your favourite TV show, but even better! Here is my happy snap collage! These people are all amazing.

I took with me some paper to take down notes, but to be honest I was so inspired and caught up in the moment that I hardly wrote any of it down. Nevertheless, here are a few key points that Jess and the others made throughout the night:

  • Ditch the diet dogma - there is no one diet that is good for every person. Everyone is an individual and has different needs and so you should only do what feels good for you. If you crave meat then you probably aren't meant to be a vegan, if you thrive on green smoothies then maybe you are. Don't feel like you have to adopt a certain 'label' either, you might not eat dairy, but do like yogurt. If that feels good to you, then do it! This was my personal favourite message from the night, because I know how confusing the conflicting ideas in the health world, particularly surrounding meat-eating vs vegan is concerned.
  • Eat organic, high quality food - whatever you do choose to eat, make sure it is of the highest quality. Jess likened pesticides and other sprays on food to bug spray. You wouldn't eat an apple if it was sprayed with bug spray, would you? As Jess said, eat what the critters would eat. Although organic can be hard to find sometimes and is a little more expensive, it is worth it because the quality of the food is superior. Likewise, if you eat meat ensure it is free range, grass fed and humanely raised.
  • Stop wishing for things to be different, accept what is and make being at peace with yourself awesome! Try not to feel attached to the old you, your old identity and the things you used to eat. Accept the new life, embrace the healthy changes and trust that everything happens for a reason. Be honest with yourself, what is it that you are really craving?
  • Be present - learn how to utilise your breath and meditate, because it is the antidote to stress and fear. Learn to let go of things you cannot control and how to manage the stress that isn't going to help you. Stress affects every cell in your body, right down to the core of your being, and it causes disease. So if you don't manage your stress it will do serious damage to you and your health. If it isn't serving you then it is not worth it. Be in the present moment so that you are not haunted by the past or fearful of the feature. Just breathe.

I cannot thank these amazing people enough, not only for sharing their stories and inspiring me, but actually taking the time to have meaningful conversations with me and other members of the audience.

Keep healthy, happy,

Erica xx