Brain Balls - Dr Libby

Not the prettiest picture ever, but trust me, they are worth it!
Not the prettiest picture ever, but trust me, they are worth it!

I am always happy to whip up a batch of bliss balls; it's quick, easy and they taste heavenly. So when I found a new recipe in the form of Dr. Libby's Brain Balls I was more than a little bit excited. I whipped up a batch and sure enough they are magical. But the real magic is in the health benefits:

  • Brain power - walnuts aren't shaped like little brains for no reason. Nope! It's Mother Nature dropping you a little hint that they are fabulous for your brain. Walnuts contain lots of incredible Omega 3s and other fabulous fats that help that pile of mush up in your head run smoothly.
  • Glowing skin - walnuts, as I said, are full of good fats and when combined with sunflower seeds, coconut oil and cacao they really pack a vitamin and mineral punch! Chock full of Vitamin E amongst others and zinc these babies will help keep your skin clear and young.
  • Healthy blood sugar - because these balls only have 8 natural dates in them, they are sugar-friendly and make sure your blood sugar levels won't spike and cause the myriad of health problems associated with that. Because of this they are a great replacement for chocolate and you could swear they taste better.
  • Protein - protein and fats found in nuts, seeds and coconut oil help to keep your bod toned and lean and ensure all your cell walls are made of the best possible ingredients, which in turn prevents cell damage and ageing. Plus, raw cacao is a super food with amazing antioxidant properties, so it will clean up lots of the free radicals who are running around your body causing damage.

Need I say more? Dr. Libby's recipe is one to bookmark, because it's a real winner!

Keep healthy,

Erica xx