Heaven is a place on Earth - The Market Shed

Today I discovered somewhere beyond special, beyond amazing and in many ways beyond words! It was everything that is good in the world of food in one place. It's called The Market Shed. The Market Shed is a food market in Adelaide, which is only open on Sunday from 9am - 3pm. It is in a large warehouse/shed are and is basically an organic food market with tonnes of fresh fruit, veggies and other delicious produce, as well as awesome stalls selling all kinds of breakfast, lunch, treats and snacks. Imagine all of your favourite organic cafes and food trucks coming together in one place - that is The Market Shed. There is the most incredible atmosphere, a chilled vibe completed by live music, communal wooden benches and plenty of 'hipster' creations.

Our 'Market Shed' collage - what a wonderful lunch!

I went to The Market Shed with two friends and an empty stomach and came away with a sizeable food baby and a new favourite place. All three of us were left speechless by the choice, the variety and the incredible quality of all the food we tried. We wandered for a while to soak it all in and weigh up our choices before taking our time to purchase individual meals from different stalls, all of which we shared. In the end we sampled and shared a range of sweet and savoury foods (all gluten and dairy free) including lentil curry, vegan pumpkin lasagne, sprouted super-grains bread with cashew and herb cream, a chocolate peanut butter smoothie, a raw brownie, vegan waffles with vanilla bean coconut ice cream, chocolate coconut ice cream, a raw chocolate caramel pecan cake and bought some activated nut muesli! Phew, hence the food baby by the end of it all.

market shed 2I am struggling, even several hours later, to describe the incredible vibe and energy that was present at the market that made it perfect. All I can say is that if you are EVER in Adelaide on a Sunday, you absolutely must go to The Market Shed, even if it is just to look, although eating there is an experience in itself.

Check out more about The Market Shed on their Facebook page. And so I will leave you with two more awesome collages of my memories of the best lunch of my life.

market shed 3

market shed 4

Keep happy and healthy, Erica xx