Yogi Photos!

You're going to have to allow me one selfish selfie moment today, as I want to share with you a few of my yoga snaps from my week long holiday down the river. We had the most spectacular autumn weather and began each morning with yoga practice on the roof of our houseboat, the sun shining down on us - it doesn't get much better! I have been practicing a few new poses recently, as well as improving and deepening my existing poses. I am quite simply in love with yoga, it is such a perfect combination of beauty, strength, flexibility and patience! I hope to continue learning even more challenging poses in the years to come, but for now here are my photos:

Our acroyoga backbend,

Wheel pose with extended leg.

Warrior III

Warrior II

Peta's headstand!

Mountain pose - check out that sunlight!

Legs apart forward fold

My headstand variation

Another headstand variation!

Forward fold.

I don't know what this is called.... Extended tree?

Eagle pose.

Bakasana "crow" pose on a log.

Backbend half pigeon

Acroyoga bow pose! After many failed attempts....

Bakasana houseboat Do you yoga? What is your favourite pose?

Keep healthy, keep happy

Erica xx