A Beautiful Blog - The Whole Daily by Alice Nicholls

One of my favourite things to do in my spare time, when I am not feeling like doing yoga, going for a walk or even cooking, is to trawl through the masses of health and wellness blogs that I follow. Simply put, they are inspiring. I am continuously amazed by the wealth of knowledge and movement of wellness and spirituality that is out there on the world wide web. And every now and again I stumble across things/blogs/articles/people so wonderful and inspiring that I can't help but share them with the world. One such 'thing' is a beautiful blog called The Whole Daily, written by Alice Nicholls. To be fair, I didn't actually 'find' Alice's blog, but I was instead sent a link by a friend who thought I might like it (how right she was!). Before I even finished reading the first post I was hooked. The Whole Daily is a perfect combination of wellness, mindfulness, self-love and a few other random bits and bobs that I love. It is a gorgeous site and easy to navigate. The recipes made me want to leave class and go to the kitchen right away and Alice's posts are so honest and authentic that you can't help but be drawn to this incredibly inspiring lady.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better I found the subscription for 7-days of self-love letters - needless to say I was a goner. Naturally I punched in my email faster than you can say lickity-split and after a few days delay I started receiving these gorgeous letters in my inbox each morning. The words they contained resonated so strongly with me and were so inspiring and beautiful that I saved every single one in a special folder, for viewing at any time that I needed a reminder of how simple and beautiful things really are.

Whether you have one minute or one hour to spare, I highly recommend you pay The Whole Daily a visit. You won't regret it and it may just be the new inspiration you need.

Visit The Whole Daily here.

Keep healthy and happy,

Erica xx