A New Face To Berry Berry Happy!

You might notice the different writing style, lack of correct grammar (whoops) or a different personality in this post. You are not mistaken, because this is actually Peta, Erica’s younger sister. And I am very honoured to have been asked by Erica to join her on this amazing blog and write posts for Berry, Berry Happy! About a year ago I started helping Erica with the Instagram page for BBH, by taking some creative food shots and making recipes for Erica to post.

Erica is no doubt my biggest inspiration, and obviously influential to many other people! I have been blessed with her presence since the moment I came into this world, something I can never express my gratitude for.

She is my guide, my friend but most of all my soul mate. Ask anyone, and they will tell you we have one of the closest sibling bonds ever – we are pretty much inseparable. She was such an inspiration to me to become the healthier, happier person I am today. So to be a part of this with her and continue building this amazing blog she has created is so exciting!

Erica and I (on the right) at Christmas last year.

But first! A little bit about me:

Erica did an interview with me for her blog about a year ago, but I thought I would let you all know a little bit about me and my journey:

If we rewind about two years ago we would find the Malteser-devouring, gluten loving Peta I used to be. I began each day with a green veggie juice, which I would disdainfully skull as fast as I could. However, I would also devour as much peanut butter as humanly possible (and no, not the healthy version), eat entire box of Maltesers in one sitting, and avoid yoga like the plague because I told myself I was “bad” at it. Don’t get me wrong, I was never ever close to being overweight or extremely unhealthy, but I was not nicknamed the ‘chemical kid’ for no reason.

It wasn’t until the end of the year (2013), after I moved to boarding school, that I started to gain an interest in health. I began to realise the potential that eating healthy foods could actually be fun AND delicious! My body was making me feel ill from the processed sugary foods I was eating and desperately trying to send me a message that this was not nourishing my body.

And so my quest for health began.. I thought it would be another ‘on Monday I will’ things, but after overcoming my first major hurtle, ditching the gluten 100%, I began to feel motivated and like I was achieving something. After a while of this I felt noticeably better, and I began to educate myself more about health and nutrition. I had reduced the amount of sugar and junk I ate massively and soon enough I realised I was actually almost entirely sugar free and my love for those dreaded green juices was growing! Additionally, after a few yoga classes I went into with an open mind my yoga addiction came to life!

Slowly but surely, with MANY ups and downs here I am today, gluten free, sugar free, and mostly dairy free. But it’s not about the foods I don’t eat, but about what I do eat that makes me feel so much healthier and better than I did before!

My love and addiction for yoga grows daily with my practice, which has been such a major influence on my journey, and I have gone from just being able to run around my block (about 2.5km) to doing the City to Bay 12km Fun Run two years in a row.

A celebratory handstand after conquering Mount Lofty!

I am still very much learning about health and what foods I need to nourish my body, but I look forward to the opportunity to share what I have learnt about all things health, fitness, yoga, positivity and nourishing with all of you!

Keep nourishing, Peta xx

Cycling my way to a green smoothie with bikenblend at the Market Shed! :)

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