Learning to Trust My Intuition (+ why you should too)

Have you ever had that "gut" feeling about something? A strong feeling about a certain place/person/situation/event/decision? Don't ever ignore that feeling, because whatever you want to call that feeling, I'll tell you one thing - it knows best. I wouldn't say I have always been a strongly spiritual person, but in the last few years I have certainly become more aware and interested in things much larger and more complex than my life and what I know. However, even before I began this journey that I am on (wherever it may take me) I remember having strong feelings or gut instincts about things. And every single time, those instincts were right.

One example of my own experience with my intuition was one night when I woke up with a deep, sickening feeling in my stomach. I didn't know why I was awake or why I was so panicked. I ventured out of my bedroom and saw my parents sitting on the couch. Immediately I asked them what was wrong. They told me that our new puppy, who we had only just gotten the day before, had fallen into our pool and drowned.

Another time, when I was deciding whether or not I would go to boarding school, I took a tour of the school I was interested in. Within a minute of entering the school grounds I knew it was the place I wanted to be. We hadn't even had the tour yet, or asked any of the important questions. But my gut instincts told me this school was the perfect place for me. And wasn't that feeling right? Those three years at boarding school were the best three of my life to date.

Most recently, I had the not-so-simple task of deciding where to go to university. This decision was made slightly more difficult by the fact that I received several scholarships and far more offers than I had anticipated. Originally I had been set on one particular university, and was hoping I would receive an offer there. However, as a result of my Year 12 mark I was offered an amazing scholarship at another university, in a totally different state and city to where I had planned to go. At first I was manic with the overwhelming amount of choice I had and how many factors I would need to consider. Where would I live and who with? How much would it cost? How would I get home? Did I have any friends there? What was the course like? However, after about a week or so I started to calm down. I made a conscious decision to trust my intuition and use it to make the decision.

To do so, I went down to the university from which I had received my scholarship and spent time looking around. I did my homework, I spoke to people who could answer questions about the course I wanted to do, and the various universities. In the end though, despite lots of different opinions and ideas from other people, I chose the university that I felt would be the best for me. The one that, for some reason, I felt drawn to. I chose it because despite the fact the other unis would take longer, cost more and be more challenging. I followed my heart and my intuition and I have not had one moment of doubt or anxiety about my choice yet.


But enough about me, this is about YOU. Learning to trust your intuition is not always easy, because often we are so ruled by logic and our egoic minds. In the end, trusting your intuition is about making the decision or choice that feels right for you. That sits well. Don't make a choice because other people expect/pressure you to. It's not their life or their story - it's yours.

First, you must believe and trust your intuition.

Secondly, you must take some time to be still and quiet, so that your intuition can speak to you. Meditation is ideal for this.

Thirdly, you must listen to strong gut feelings about things. Even if you misinterpret that feeling, ignoring is never a good idea.

And then, surrender. Surrender your expectations, plans, ideas of what life should be. Allow your intuition to guide you, and it will take you along the right path, I promise you that.

If you don't believe in or trust your intuition, and you always make decisions based on logic and pros/cons lists, on expectations and the experiences of others, then there is a chance you will take a few wrong turns in your life. This doesn't matter either, because ultimately the Universe will guide you back to where you need to be. Those events you perceive as failures are actually the Universe re-directing you back to your path.

And lastly, don't be fooled into thinking you have to be a meditating, vegan, spiritual yogi to use your intuition. Everyone has one and everyone chooses whether or not they listen to it.

Have you ever had strong experiences with your intuition? Feel free to share.

Keep healthy,

Erica xx