15 Healthy Habits to Start Today

Coming into the New Year it is common to want to change certain factors about your lifestyle. Such as, getting a better work-life balance, eating less junk, exercising more, starting yoga… the list goes on. But, how do you ensure these ideas don’t just stay exactly that; ideas? The simple fact is - you have to make them habits.


So here are my 15 Health Habits for you to try in 2015 for a happier and healthier life:


  1. Don’t try to do everything at once. Trying to change everything about your lifestyle will never work, it must come in slow simple steps. So try maybe one or two of these tips and if that seems to work build from that. DO NOT try to change everything at once! It’s a recipe for disaster…


  1. Try ditching gluten or dairy for 30 days and see how you feel. You may notice you have more energy, less aches and pains or better digestion. This is likely to be hinting that you may have an intolerance to one of these food groups. (which is more common than you may think!)



  1. Switch your plastic drink bottle for a stainless steel one. Plastic drink bottles release harmful chemicals into your water, the more you use them the worse it gets! So ditch the plastic.


  1. Smile at one random every day. You may feel a bit strange or weird doing this at the beginning, but you never know… you could make someone’s day! Or even go one further and compliment a complete stranger, simply because you can.



  1. Walk once a day. Find a good track near your home that you enjoy and take your dog (or yourself if you don’t have a dog) for a walk each evening/morning. Get a friend to come along and change a lunch date to a walking catch up. It will save you money as well as getting you fit!


  1. Wake up at the same time every morning. This allows your body clock to get into a routine and before you know it you will be awake before your alarm even goes off.alarm



  1. Swap your cooking oil for coconut oil. Its health benefits are endless, and it can withstand high heats a lot better than many other oils. It can be purchased in most supermarkets and used instead of most other oils in a similar fashion.


  1. Check your beauty products for harmful chemicals. Not only do you need to be aware of what you put into your mouth but also what you are putting onto your body, these can be just as dangerous. Opt for organic where possible or even try making your own beauty products.



  1. Sign yourself up to a Fun Run or fitness challenge, not only is this motivation to increase physical exercise but also you have a reward at the end. One great fun run held in most capital cities is ‘The Color Run’, which is just 5km and you get covered in colourful corn starch.. whats not to love?!colour run


  1. Add a green smoothie or salad to one of your meals each day. This is as simple as blending some greens (spinach, kale, silver beet, zucchini, cucumber, avocado) with fruit to sweeten naturally (banana, berries, pear) and drink it as well as having your breakfast. Or add a simple salad or steamed greens (broccoli, beans, peas, brussel sprouts) to your dinner. This will ensure you are getting important nutrients from green vegetables at least once a day.



  1. Make an evening routine to help you go to bed earlier. Do a few things each night before you go to sleep at the same time so your body begins to recognise these as preparation for sleep. Eg. Have a tea (chamomile for sleep), read a book, disconnect from media, do some meditation, have a bath, write in a journal.


  1. Get a diary. If you don’t already have some sort of diary, calendar or list to help you keep track of tasks you have to do, get one! By ticking things off a list you feel more accomplished and are more likely to feel motivated to continue being productive.



  1. Join a class of some sort as a hobby. Mine for example is going to the free Lulu lemon classes (held in most stores around Australia) every Sunday, it allows some time for me to get away from school, life and people to unwind and do a class that is run by an instructor rather than my own practice. Other ideas could be: a cooking, writing, drawing, Pilates, singing, gardening class – look around in your local area for these unique opportunities.


  1. Open your windows. When natural light is available during the day, embrace it! Turn off your lights and open the shutters or curtains and let the sun provide you with natural light. The best part, its free!



  1. Say a daily affirmation. This affirmation is completely personal to you. Chose a short sentence or quote that is significant to you, and say it three times in the morning when you wake up and the same at night before you go to sleep. This type of habit does wonders for the mind and can alter your entire attitude for each day!affirmations


These are simple changes to your daily life that can have incredible benefits, not only physically for your wellbeing, but mentally as well.


Keep nourishing,

Peta xx