To try this weekend: Self-Love Sunday!

Self-love is crucial not only for inner peace and happiness, but also your mental and physical wellbeing, but many of us simply do not take the adequate time needed to practice proper and regular self-love. It is common in our rushed, stressful and "full" modern-day lives to put taking care of yourself on the bottom of your list of priorities. We are all busy, right? We have a million things to do, and spend two hours preparing a nourishing breakfast doesn't fit into that schedule! What's more, we find it much more important to take care of others, especially our loved ones, before taking care of our own wellbeing. I know that I, for one, can completely relate to the feeling of putting myself last - but enough is enough! Self-love is not about being selfish or putting yourself 'above' everyone else in your life, but instead it is about nourishing yourself so that you may be the best version of you and thus bring love and light into the lives of those around you! When you practice self-love, you radiate from within with beauty, self-acceptance and peace, and this gives others permission to begin to love themselves too. And it means you put your best foot forwards every time you step out to make a difference in the world.

However, I can probably guess what you are thinking at this point: self-love is hard! Don't worry, I have been there and I am still there some days, in the place where you cannot find a single thing to love about yourself. But the reality is that with practice, and time, and consistency, self-love can easily become integrated into your daily routine. This is where Self-Love Sunday comes in!

Gratitude journalling is a great SLS practice

So what is Self-Love Sunday?

Self-Love Sunday is simply taking a day (I usually take Sunday - hence the name), or even part of a day, and dedicating it to self-love practices. It is a day in which you attempt to do as many things that nourish and invigorate you as possible. It is a day of rest and rejuvenation. For me, such time is so essential that I do actually schedule it into my calendar around my other commitments. I can appreciate that not everyone can take a whole day each week, but I am sure that you can find just a few hours here and there to dedicate to self-love.

What do you do on Self-Love Sunday?

This part can vary widely, depending on what you are passionate about, what fills you with energy and makes you feel alive. If you are an introvert, it may consist of spending a day at home in your favourite pair of pyjamas. An extrovert, on the other hand, may schedule a brunch date with friends as a part of their Self-Love Sunday. If you are exhausted from the week you may book a massage, have a sleep in or practice some restorative yoga. Or perhaps you are feeling energetic and so you take the time to do a big, sweaty, exhausting workout. If you love to cook it might mean spending a day in the kitchen, or if you despise cooking it might include ordering in your favourite (healthy) takeaway or getting a loved one to cook you a meal.

SLS a.k.a Pancake Sunday at our place!

My average Self-Love Sunday usually begins with a sleep in of some sort (to around 7.30am!) and then a nice, long meditation. I then do my morning yoga practice and pull an Angel Card with my message of the day from the Universe. I like to take make myself a cup of tea and head back into bed for some reading and/or journalling time. Next, I spend a good hour making myself a fabulously nourishing and creative breakfast - usually pancakes, as pancake Sunday is also a tradition in my home! I usually then continue to cook, preparing food for the week ahead (this also prevents me from giving in to junk food options, because I always have a fridge full of healthy meals. This cooking part of my day usually ends after lunch, and then I like to sit down and plan out the week ahead. This includes filling out my daily planner (or computer calendar) and making plenty of to do lists. It might seem counterintuitive, but making such lists allows me to feel organised, which reduces my stress levels. The afternoon varies, sometimes I will do some light study (of my favourite subjects such as Chem, Bio or some French reading), although usually I try to keep Sunday as study-free as possible. If it is a nice day outside I love going for long walks in the sunshine. Sometimes I will catch up with friends for a tea, however as I have introvert tendencies I prefer to spend my Self-Love Sunday's at home, in my pyjamas as much as possible. The day usually ends with an early dinner and bed time, so that I wake up Monday refreshed and ready for a new week.

How do you make your Self-Love Sunday happen?

Well, the weekend is upon us, so provided you haven't already fully booked yourself, see if you can block out a whole day, or even just a few hours here or there dedicated to your self-love practice. Then decide what it is that you would like to do to practice self-love, remembering that it is a very individual thing. Then, just do it! Take the time, turn off your phone if needed, and just allow yourself to be!

How do you practice self-love?

Keep happy and healthy,

Erica xx