Full Moon, June & Energy

How did you sleep last night? Do you remember a feeling of energy and life taking over your body as you willed yourself to sleep? Because I did, and the lack of solid sleep I received last night marks a magical and special moment in time for all of us. Let me explain... Last night (Wednesday 3rd June) was the full moon, which brought with it an incredible amount of energy. However, quite possibly like many of you, when I was tossing and turning in the wee hours of the morning I was not fully aware or appreciative of just what this meant. You see, last night I toddled off to bed at my approximately normal time of around 9.30pm, and after a bit of reading I dozed off with relative ease. At around 2.30am I woke up rather randomly (I say this because there was no noise, disruption or other occurrence that caused me to wake) and lay awake for quite some time. At first I assumed I would simply fall back asleep, so I just tossed and turned. After about an hour I turned on my light and read a little bit, hoping it would make me drowsy. It didn't. I tried (unsuccessfully) for another hour to fall asleep, and then after some more reading, Instagram and many thousands of ideas and thoughts I gave in and decided to just get up. That was around 5am. It didn't matter too much by that point as I was teaching a yoga class at 6.30am anyway. Anyway, as I sat with my cup of tea at 5.30 this morning I wondered why on Earth I had slept so 'badly'. I wasn't too stressed or anxious before bed, but my mind still seemed to be racing. I hadn't consumed any stimulants before bed, so that couldn't be the answer.

And then, out of nowhere a little thought popped into my head. Was it a full moon? Sure enough, after a quick Google search I discovered that at 2.19am this morning the full moon in Melbourne. That was the time that I woke up, almost to the minute. Surprised and slightly relieved (at least with a reason for my lack of sleep), I headed off to yoga...

This is where the real magic began. After months of struggling to get enough people into my classes to even cover the cost of room rent, SIX people walked through the studio doors this morning. SIX! I could barely believe my eyes. But really it all made sense; it was the full moon. I have also noticed that the amount of influence the full moon has over my thoughts and emotions is directly related to how often I practice meditation, especially meditation in which I channel the Universal energy. In the last few months my meditation practice has really increased, and with it so has my tendency to be powerful energised by the full moon.


Full moons are traditionally associated with lots of positive energy, with progress, change, new beginnings and opportunities. This morning I was witness to the true power of the full moon to bring about a renewed sense of energy, clarity and purpose.

The full moon is a beautiful time of the month to make changes in your life, to start a new project or plan a new adventure. At this time of the month the Universe is on your side even more so than usual. It is giving you all the energy you need to live a beautiful and purposeful life. So take that chance and run with it! Now is the time. And if you too didn't sleep last night, just remember you're not alone. The energy of the full moon will get you through the next few week or so and then you should return to a more 'normal' state of being.

Not only was it just a full moon last night, but we have just entered June, winter and are almost half-way through this year. Don't wait for next January to set new intentions. Do it now. There is no better time than right now, in the present moment.

So tell me, how are you harnessing the full moon energy? What are you going to do this month?

Keep healthy, happy,

Erica x