Manifestation 101

Have you ever wanted something really badly in your life, but had no idea how to get it? Do you want to live the life of your dreams with ease and grace? Do you want to get all the things that you want (and more) without having to work your ass off for it? Did you answer yes to all those questions? In that case, keep reading, because as crazy as it may seem I may just have the answer.... Okay, disclaimer: I didn't discover the answer, nor do I know everything about it, but I have had little bit of a play and I have to say it is pretty powerful stuff. So what is this fabled answer? Manifestation. 

To summarise manifestation as briefly as possible, it is essentially the act of visualising things that you want and then allowing the magical Universe to bring them into your life. Seems too good to be true, right? Well you better believe it! The act of manifestation usually involves some kind of meditation in which you simply imagine something that you would like. This can be anything, from a new piece of clothing or car, to money, a friend, partner, holiday, job, opportunity or anything health related. Yes, you can actually manifest your way to better health and a vibrant life.

Basically, manifestation is utilising the incredible power of our brain, combined with a little Universal magic, to bring the things that you want into your life. Whilst our brains are incredibly intelligent, they are unable to distinguish what is real from that which is vividly imagined. That is the thing about manifestation, it's not just thinking "Oh, I would love that dress", but instead is the act of vividly imaging yourself going into the shop and trying on the new dress, imagining it fitting perfectly and accenting all your beautiful features, then imagining you walking to the counter and a lovely shop assistant processing your purchase, and opening your wallet to find the perfect amount of money there to buy this dress. It has to be vivid, detailed and clear. And it can be ANYTHING.

In the past few months I have had a few people ask me or talk to me about manifestation, and it is a topic I absolutely love talking about. It is also something that John taught us how to do during the Vasta Retreat I attended in July, he is an expert of this kind of stuff! However, upon reflection I realised I have been manifesting and visualising since I was quite young, as my diving coaches used to make us visualise dives before we got on the board to do them (in fact, visualisation is a technique used by many of the top athletes). To explain this whole concept a little more, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a few of my experiences with the art of manifestation.


My first real practice of manifestation started around mid-2014, when I was in Year 12. I got a hold of a copy of Melissa Ambrosini's Manifestation Meditation (it's free when you answer the little question on her homepage) and I started doing it each and every night before I went to sleep. In the meditation Melissa guides you through some manifestation exercises, such as imagining your dream life, your dream job, your dream partner, house, health - it covers all the bases. At first it can be a little challenging to imagine these things vividly, or even to work out what the heck you want in life! But with time you start to have regular visualisations of what you want. So what did I manifest? Well, let's start with a few of the biggies...


Alright, let's just get it out there, I was incredibly, unbelievably blessed to receive an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) of 99.90 at the completion of Year 12, which is the second highest score you can possibly achieve (the highest is 99.95 FYI). This is, without a doubt, my biggest achievement in life to date and something I am incredibly proud of, but of course it did not come without years of effort and perseverance which culminated into this final score. Now I am not telling you this because I want to boast or for my ego's sake, there is a story in this: that is that my ATAR was no accident - I manifested it. In my visualisations I would imagine myself receiving the piece of paper with my score, I would open up the paper and I would see the score. At first I tried very hard to visualise 99.95, but for some reason I could never get the 5 to appear. It would appear as 9, 9, point, 9, blank... No 5! This was frustrating, but in hindsight it is blatantly obvious that that is because the score I was going to receive, and did receive, was 99.90.

Now before the students amongst you get up in arms and say surely you can't just imagine a score and then you will get it, allow me to explain how it all worked. Whilst I did visualise this score as often as possible, along with the joy and pride of receiving such a mark, the way manifestation actually worked is that it gave me the motivation, the commitment and the focus to be able to study really hard during Year 12. Because a score like that doesn't come without a little bit of blood, sweat and tears (metaphorically of course...). One thing I have come to learn about manifestation is that its action is not always direct. More often it will encourage or lead you to take the actions required to get what you want. It is simple and beautiful.

This isn't relevant, it's just pretty.

Med Offer

In addition to visualising my ATAR, I would also visualise myself in my dream university course - a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Adelaide. I would imagine receiving the acceptance email, my first day of uni, walking down Frome St with my uni friends, sitting med exams and one day graduating from the university. From this manifestation I learnt one very important thing though; sometimes the Universe has other plans...

You see, Adelaide Uni Med was all I ever wanted. It was what I dreamed about and meditated on. I only ever visualised my life in Adelaide and studying medicine. And perhaps so unsurprisingly I did get the first round offer... But I declined it.

"WHAT? Are you crazy?! You just gave up your dream!" I know what you are thinking, but allow me to explain. You see, at the University of Melbourne there is a scholarship called the Chancellor's Scholarship, for students who receive 99.90 or 99.95. When submitting my applications I did apply for this scholarship into a Bachelor of Biomedicine, and whilst deep down I knew I was capable of achieving the required score, for some reason I told myself it would never, EVER happen. I sort of forgot about Melbourne. Then, once I got my score, I realised that this incredible opportunity was now mine for the taking. After a fair amount of deliberation, my heart and my intuition was telling me to go with Melbourne, to take this chance and make the biggest change of my life. So if you ask me now if I am where I thought I would be this time last year, the answer is a resounding NO. But what I learnt is that sometimes the Universe's plans for you are even better than your wildest dreams.

My Amazing Share House

After moving to Melbourne I then had to find somewhere to live. Once again I used manifestation to imagine the kind of place I wanted to live. I visualised the location, what my housemates would be the like, the price of rent, how the room would feel - everything. And then through the magic of I found the share house of my dreams. I went to a small 'interview' with the girls and we clicked immediately. I now live in a fantastic house with four incredible girls, in the heart of Melbourne, close to cool bars, restaurants, organic stores, beautiful parks and a short walk to uni. Pretty cool, huh?


This is possibly the craziest form of manifestation, but once I managed to manifest about $200 cash into my life, in a moment of need. In my meditation I simply imagined opening my wallet and having seeing a decent amount of cash in there, enough that I could go out with friends and buy groceries without having to worry about being closer to broke than is comfortable.

One day about a week later I was walking along the street and literally found a wad of cash on the ground. I didn't see anyone drop it, so I couldn't give it back to them. I didn't feel comfortable just taking the cash, so I took it into an organic store near where I found the money and asked them to keep it in case someone came looking. They took my name and number and few days later called to let me know that no one had come to collect it and asked if I would like to come and take it as a reward for my honesty. I took this a sign from the Universe that the money was a little helping hand to get me through that rough patch.

Once I manifested 9 blocks of Pana Chocolate into my life - I won five and was given four!

Vitamix Blender

Yep, I also manifested my blender. Originally I entered a competition to win one and I manifested SO hard all week in the hope that I would win. Sadly I didn't, but low and behold Christmas came and my Dad happened to become a stockist for Vitamix and so I got one for Christmas!

Tigerlily Dress

My most recent manifestation was a dress that I absolutely fell in love with. After dreaming about it for months, I was distraught to find out that it was sold out online in my size. About a week later I was home and found it in a store in my size. I tried it on and it was simply gorgeous. I bought it there and then. The most synchronistic part of it all was that the dress cost exactly what my yoga income for that week had been - it was meant to be!

The dress!


I could go on for days about all the funny little things I have managed to manifest, but before I end this post there is one more important thing you should know about manifestation - don't be attached to the outcome! See, often when people first start manifesting they get really annoyed if the thing they want doesn't appear straight away or in the way they expected it to. The reality is that the Universe works in mysterious ways and if you try to force something to happen, you often get in the way of the magic. So let manifestation be your way of kindly asking the Universe for what you want. Then take a step back, let go of your expectations, and let it all flow.

What are your thoughts on manifestation? Have you tried it and what have you manifested?

Keep healthy + happy,

Erica xx