How To Get The Perfect Body (but not how you think)

If you read the title and thought this blog post will give you the ability to finally achieve the body you have always wanted, you are correct. Note: there are no dietary changes or exercises involved. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?  

Once mastered, this method will enable you to look in the mirror everyday and smile at your body and feel comfortable at any beach/pool party. For some people this process may be fast, for others it may feel like something you can never achieve it, but persistence is the key because I truly believe every woman in the world can achieve their perfect body. And it all starts with your mindset.

Recently I was watching an ad that revealed 97% of women have an “I hate my body moment” everyday. Upon reflection I was appalled by this statistic. How can this many females be walking around thinking that they are unworthy or anything less than amazing?! Newsflash… if you did not already know, you are all amazing! It is truly hard to comprehend that almost every woman has such negative and degrading thoughts towards their body each day. Yet, when we look around at others these comments would never even tempt to cross our minds.

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Then I began to think about all the ‘wasted’ time… The definition of wasted is “used carelessly or to no purpose” – what is the purpose of this body bashing? The hours, days, weeks, or even lifetimes that people spend criticising the one and only thing that is literally the being of their existence. It makes no sense. Your body spends every single moment of every day purely focused on keeping you alive, and we choose to thank it by not giving it enough energy to function (diets), pushing it to the brink of exhaustion (over-exercising) or relentlessly telling it that it is not good enough (body-bashing).

The harsh words we say to ourselves I doubt we would ever even think about blurting out to our worst enemies, yet on a daily basis we run these mottos on repeat to ourselves. I cannot even begin to imagine how truly damaging these words really are… As they say you become what you tell yourself you are, so this practice really is counter-intuitive.


I used to go to boarding school and was always surprised by the sheer amount of photos plastered on bedroom walls of models, flat stomachs, toned thighs or muscly biceps. Although these may be good reminders to eat healthily and exercise I worry that they also set unrealistic goals or aspirations for the young person who looks at it every day. We must come to realise that every single body is designed and built differently, even identical twins, thus our bodies all respond differently and will always be shaped differently, no matter what we do – you cannot change bone structure. This means that one person could lose weight easily off their stomach and another off their breasts by eating and exercising the same way. Or one person may be able to easily tone their thighs and the other their arms. These anomalies between people are due predominantly to genetics and yes some lifestyle factors. Another phase sweeping pop culture is the ‘thigh gap’. However, to have a thigh gap you must have the right hip and pelvic structure… and I’m sorry to say but this cannot be changed. Therefore, by aspiring to have body parts that are shaped like others’ can never be achieved purely because everyone is UNIQUE. One of my all time favourite quotes is: “Comparison is the thief of joy”, as I believe this really sums up the intent of this blog post that your self perspective should not be based on a comparison to anyone else.


So, to get the perfect body you must come to accept and love your own body exactly how it is. The best thing you can ever do for yourself is whole-heartedly fall head over heals in love with yourself! Yes it is so important to nourish your body with the right foods and move it regularly to get the blood flowing, but ultimately without acceptance and love none of this will be effective. This was actually summarised perfectly by a yoga instructor that I did a class with this morning (Samara Kate- -visit! She is truly amazing!) “Until we change the way we speak to ourselves, nothing else can change.”

For a long time I struggled with my own self-image. As a typical teenager I wanted to change this, I wanted to change that. But it wasn’t until I came to accept and love my own shape that I suddenly found all those bits and pieces no longer mattered. Whether it was just my change in perspective or the critique goggles came off but I came to realise that I am perfect, the most perfect version of myself. It is empowering to know that no one can ever be more perfect at being you than yourself, so embrace it! When you truly love and accept your body as it is, you will naturally find that you are drawn to healthy foods and crave the exercise it needs. You also notice all the parts that you like rather than those that you hate, as these were previously faded out by all the negativity.


Practical Techniques:

  1. Get a picture of yourself as a child (think 6-7 years old) where you are smiling and still an innocent child. Place this either on your desk, on your mirror, in your wallet or somewhere you will see it everyday. Now, every time you think any degrading comments about yourself or your body look at this picture. Think. Could you really walk up to this child and say this to him/her? I doubt it. Then make that connection that that little person is you! Therefore, it is still unacceptable to think/say those things to that person, no matter the age.
  1. Download the Louise Hay app and write down your favourite affirmations from it (eg. I love and accept myself unconditionally right now) and stick it on the mirror, or write it in lipstick. Repeat them three times every morning and night. This is a daily reminder to be kind to yourself and one of the simplest ways to practice self-love.
  1. Writing about all the things you are grateful for (eg. I am grateful that I am alive and breathing) will adjust your mindset to see the positive things in life, and eventually allow you to look in the mirror and only see one amazing whole perfect being.
  1. Reduce criticising time. As I said before it is wasted time. Use mirrors to check outfits, do make up and say your affirmations, not to identify all your perceived ‘imperfections’ and critique them.
  1. Finally for the dreaded beach trip or pool party. Despite the fact that we are all intelligent women I think as a whole we fail to comprehend that no one else sees us the way we do. No one else has spent the time you have obsessing over that bit of cellulite on your leg or how you tummy folds when you sit down, and thus he or she simply do not notice it! If you can remember your last beach/pool event I can imagine that you would struggle to even remember what anyone else looked like, simply because everyone is so focused on themselves that they honestly do not care. Now that sounds a little self-centred, but once you realise this, these events are so much easier and more enjoyable!

So I encourage you to use these techniques and begin the self-love practice ASAP! I promise it will change your life for good. And now that you have read the post I hope you have come to realise that you already have the perfect body, with no super shakes or treadmills used - acceptance is all you need. If you are striving to your improve health I advise aim for a larger goal such as making five home cooked meals a week or participating in your first fun run to encourage this journey without the attachment to a certain dress size or appearance. You will notice you achieve the goal a lot faster and feel a lot better!


Remember, life is short so it should be enjoyed not endured.


Peta xxx