What I'm Loving Wednesday (WILW Ed #1)

Hey beautiful people! I hope you're all having a fantastic day so far (and if not then it is not too late to turn it around). I've had this idea for a weekly summary of the things I am loving for some time now, but until now I've never actually sat down to write it. But today is your/my lucky day, because I'm doing it - welcome to "What I'm Loving Wednesday". Basically, each Wednesday (or thereabouts) I am going to give you a quick summary of the things I am loving at the time - whether that be an awesome book I am reading, a cool podcast I have listened to, the best video/film I've seen and, of course, what I am eating lots of. I have so many things I wanted to share with you this week, but I've culled it down to the following for Ed #1, stay tuned for the others in coming weeks!


This week I am...

Reading: The School of Greatness (by Lewis Howes)

Anyone who has spoken to me in the past month or so will have most likely heard me mention/bang on about this book - it's so good! Simply written, powerful and inspiring, Lewis Howes intelligently and seamlessly collates the best pieces of advice and clever tips from the most successful people on this planet. Worth a read if you are ready to take your life and your mission to the next level. **On that note, Lewis also has fantastic podcasts which definitely fall into the listening category too. Check out his website (see link above).

Listening to: Talk is Cheap (Chet Faker) 

Okay, okay, I know... I am about a year behind the band-wagon on this one, but it has been on repeat all summer and shows no sign of slowing down. I just love the smooth tunes and lyrics of this one, it seems to pair especially well with my yoga flows.

Watching: The Secret (on FMTV) 

I watched this one on the weekend before last and my mind was BLOWN. Talk about empowering and inspiring. To be fair, I found the start of the documentary a bit out-of-worldish and weird, but the message and interviews with the experts is simply awe-inspiring. It is basically all about the Law of Attraction (manifestation), for everyone and anyone who wants to create the life of their dreams effortlessly. This film teaches you the principles behind this law and how to utilise the Universal powers to bring things into your life. As someone who is already familiar with this concept and who has previously manifested many things, I still got heaps from this doco, especially with regard to the importance of visualisation and feelings when manifesting.

Check out The Secret website too, for more on the Law of Attraction.

Eating: Slow-Cooked Indian-spiced Lamb Shoulder & Peppermint Bliss Balls

I bought myself a slow cooker the other day so that I could make more of this incredible slow cooked lamb from Melissa Ambrosini's The Glow Kitchen e-book. I made it for some friends for dinner and they totally loved it, as do all my housemates and my family. Totally easy peasy and it makes heaps so you can have leftovers for a week (as I did last week).

A bowl of the slow cooked lamb with some beautiful cauliflower leaf chips (ft. weird lighting glow..)

The bliss balls were a chuck together, spur-of-the-moment creation with my friend Caitlin as the result of our insatiable chocolate cravings. The recipe will be here soon, I promise, but if you already have a bliss ball recipe all you need to do is add 2-3 drops of doTerra essential peppermint oil.

Pondering: mostly amino acids

I'm back at uni and for me this semester that means one crazy double-core subject affectionately known as MCB (Molecular and Cellular Biomedicine). I am currently trying to learn and memorise all 20 amino acids and the five nucleotides - thank goodness for my very accurate texta drawings of them!

Aiming: to get more quality sleep

My goal since I returned to Melbourne has been to re-establish a super beautiful and consistent sleep routine, through good 'sleep hygiene', since my holidays were fraught with late working nights and crazy sleep habits (we are all human, right?). My first week was really good and I am loving waking up feeling refreshed, but I had one bad night where I barely got three hours sleep. Not to worry, I am really getting into a night time routine to prepare me to sleep soundly. For me, this includes a chamomile tea, natural relaxants (magnesium is great), meditation (in Legs Up the Wall), reading, journalling, pulling Angel Cards and turning off electronic devices one hour before bed (annoying but SO worth it).

Quoting: "The grass is greener where you water it."

I'm not sure who said this originally, but at a fantastic dinner (ft. slow cooked lamb) with my two great friends, Gabe and Tyler (linked to their sweet blogs), they shared this quote with me. As a smart re-take on the original "The grass is greener on the other side", this quote reminds me that ultimately the areas of your life that you give the most energy too will be the most prosperous (and hence green). It also reminds me of the importance of not comparing yourself (or your grass) to that of others. Everyone's grass is their own and we are only responsible for our own grass. So water your grass, fertilise it, give it lots of love and watch it grow!

Grateful for: amazing people in my life

I often/daily reflect on the things I am grateful for and the list almost always includes one or more people in my life. I am so grateful for the incredible friends that I have (in Melbourne, Adelaide, Mildura and beyond) for their love, endless support and general friendship. I am also super grateful for my housemates, who make living in Melbourne a dream and who never fail to make me laugh at the end of even the longest days. Add to that my gratitude for my family and I am overflowing with love for the people I am blessed to share this journey with. And to you, dear reader/friend, know that I am truly grateful that you took the time to read this post and to care about what I have to say this week. THANK YOU and see you next Wednesday (hopefully before then).

Love Erica x