WILW Ed # 2

Happy Hump Day everyone! I hope this post finds you cruising through your week with an abundance of energy and inspiration. If not, if your week is not the best you’ve ever had, don’t worry too much and remember this great quote: “This too shall pass.” I’m back on your screen today for the second instalment of WILW (What I’m Loving Wednesday) and once again I have heaps of cool stuff to share with you from the week just gone. So let’s get straight to it.


This week I am…

Reading: Dear Lover by David Deida

To be fair I have actually already read this about two weeks ago and holy moly it was a very interesting read. The book is composed of short chapters, each beginning with a letter from David to you, the reader, as if you were his dear lover. The book essentially explores and explains the deep spiritual nature of sex and sexuality. It emphasises the crucial importance of women embodying their feminine sexual energy in order to tap into their deepest spiritual self and the powerful nature of sex, or two-bodied devotion. Personally, I found it very eye opening, as the exploration of the balance between masculine and feminine sexual energies is something I have been really drawn to in the past few months. I absolutely devoured this book in a matter of days; it is easy to read but equally powerful and incredibly spiritual (read it with an open mind). I would highly recommend this as a must-read for all women who crave a deep spiritual and sexual connection with their partner/future partner. For the men amongst you, David has written many other books, including the masculine equivalent of Dear Lover, called The Way of the Superior Man.

Listening to: Lewis Howe’s Podcasts

Since reading Lewis’s book – The School of Greatness – I started following his podcasts and man they are GOOD. I personally love to listen to them when I am commuting; I feel I am getting wiser whilst I travel rather than simply staring out the window. There are literally podcasts on every topic you could possibly imagine, from food and health, to the power of the mind, spirituality and how to go viral on the Internet. Lewis interviews someone who has achieved greatness in some way in each of his podcasts, and in doing so reveals so many nuggets of wisdom to the listener. In the past week I have listened to: 1) Dr Peter Osbourne on the Honest Truth about Gluten and Your Health 2) Jason Silva on the Power of the Mind to Create Your Reality. Both were super interesting and enlightening in many ways, and I was surprised by how much I learnt in the gluten podcast, since it is a topic I have already read so much about and previously believed I understood quite well. Just goes to show that learning never ends!

Watch: Melissa Ambrosini’s Interview with Daniel Vitalis

I watched this interview in the car on my way back to Melbourne, and yet again my mind was blown open. Daniel and Melissa discuss the importance and necessity of getting back to our wild, natural selves, what our "natural" diet constitutes, how to get in touch with nature even if you live in a city, the balance of masculine and feminine energies (yep, again!), the history of patriarchy and how we can create equality and harmony in our society through believing that men and women are equal and opposite rather than equal and the same (GOLD!).

Whilst this interview was aimed primarily at women it is super interesting generally and I think men would definitely get a lot out of the discussion of masculinity and what it means to be a masculine man in today's world, plus how to honour and utilise the feminine energies in your life.


Quoting: "This too shall pass."

This quote, to me, perfectly sums up the transient nature of our very existence. During bad times it is a reminder that there are always good times ahead and during good times it is a reminder to be present, because even the good times don't last forever. Four simple words, which when contemplated closely, reveal an infinite wisdom. I just love it.

this too shall pass

Eating: Chicken Liver Pâté

On my Sunday adventures around South Yarra and Richmond I discovered Bertie's Free-range Butchers and after much contemplation I got myself a few little pieces of free-range goodness, including some chicken livers. Having only discovered that I like pâté recently, I decided to go ahead and make my own chicken liver pâté from Melissa Ambrosini's Glow Kitchen book. The result was two massive bowls of curry-spiced pâté which is not only delicious but packed full of good fats, zinc, iron and other essential minerals. If organ meats freak you out (trust me, I am still coming around to them) then I would recommend starting with pâté - it pairs really nicely with eggs or veggie sticks or some nice gluten-free crackers.

Pondering: Expectations & Perspective

Over the weekend I had an almost indescribable emotional and spiritual unravelling that coincided with a series of epiphanies hitting me one after the other. I may or may not delve deeper into what I discovered in a future post (it is still a bit raw), but it got me really thinking about the concept of expectations and perspectives in life. Ultimately, all of life and our experience of life is an illusion created by our perceptions and interpretations of reality. Each person's reality is different because we perceive and interpret things differently, and as such there is really no single reality; reality is an individual and fluid concept.

I have been aware of the downfalls of expectations for some time, but it is still something that I comes up for me on a regular basis. The concept is easy enough - have no expectations and you will never be disappointed - but it is so much more difficult to practice. Often these expectations cause us pain, as summarised by the quote, "All suffering is the result of our own expectations." For me, certain expectations recently not being met triggered the unravelling I mentioned before. After this occurred I realised that I had no one to point the finger at but myself. Had I not had such expectations I would not have been left feeling so hurt. Which leads me to perspective....

Perspective, similarly to expectations, relates to our interpretation of the world around us. Where expectations could be viewed as our interpretation of (and subsequent attachment to) future possibilities, perspective is more our interpretation of the present and the past. In every situation we choose what perspective we take on it, whether consciously or unconsciously. Because our perspective is a choice, we can also choose to change it. Consequently, once I realised that my pain was caused by my own expectations in a particular scenario, I chose then to alter my perspective on that scenario. By focusing my awareness on the positive things that had occurred and what I was grateful for, rather than the one expectation that was not met, my whole perspective and hence experience of that scenario was transformed - and this was all after the event. Changing my perspective allowed me to release my expectations and view the experience in an overwhelmingly positive light. Oh, and that little quote I shared - this too shall pass - was golden as I moved through this unravelling.

I hope that pondering wasn't too cryptic... Let me know what you think?

Moving: to sweet beats at Yoga 213

Since I got back to Melbourne three weeks ago I have been attending classes at Yoga 213 in Richmond and I am seriously loving them! Whilst I am yet to go to a Yin class, I have been going to the Chill and Hip Hop classes as often as possible (all to sweet playlists). The concept of hip hop and yoga together might seem odd, but trust me there is nothing better than getting your sweaty Vinyasa flow happening to some Snoop Dog. I leave every class extremely sweaty and sore, but with a definite post-yoga high that keeps me smiling for the rest of my day. If the tunes and amazing flows haven't convinced you, the studio is also über pretty and there is the range of 213 yoga apparel for purchase too.

Aiming: to reduce my plastic waste

I read an article a few weeks ago about people who produced so little waste that their yearly plastic waste fits into a small glass jar. I was immediately intrigued and inspired. Personally, I hate waste of all kind, especially food waste, but I had never really considered how much plastic I consume and then throw out on a daily basis. Even my beloved organic veggies often come wrapped in copious amounts of cling wrap and I used to not think twice about purchasing a bottle of coconut water or a plastic-wrapped protein ball when I am on the run. But it all adds up. So far my small changes have included making sure I take re-usable shopping bags with me whenever I head out for groceries, doing the bulk of my shopping at the uni farmer's market, storing food in re-usable Tupperware and glass jars rather than wrapping it in glad wrap and saying no to little handouts/free giveaways that are plastic/paper that I simply don't need. It is not easy but definitely something I am going to work on this year.

Grateful for: unconditional love.

Last week I expressed my gratitude for all the people in my life (you included), but over the past week it has really been unconditional love from a few amazing people that really helped me move through the "stuff" I went through. It has been a big, emotional, exhilarating and somewhat draining few days, but during this time of unravelling I felt that unconditional love more than ever before. I am grateful for this love that is extended to me not only in the good times, but also the bad. I am grateful for this love that supported me and guided me when I was at my most vulnerable. I am grateful for this love free of attachment, expectation or judgment. I am grateful for the unconditional love I receive from others and the love I choose to show myself.


How has your week been? I would love to hear what YOU are loving this week! Comment below.

Love Erica x