Hey guys! I hope your day is off to a thrilling start (although if you are in Melbourne you're probably trying to figure out how to avoid becoming a drowned rat...). It's Hump Day, which means we are half way through this working week, so I guess that means it's time to start planning our weekend adventures. But before you get to caught up in your planning, here is this week's edition of What I'm Loving Wednesday. Once again I am so excited to share some pretty cool things with you - I have really enjoyed writing these posts each week and I hope you have enjoyed reading them too. So let's dive right in...


This week I am....

Reading:The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner

On the weekend my Dad took me to a bookshop in Melbourne called the Theosophical Society Bookshop (TS Bookshop) and I was in HEAVEN. It is literally an entire shop filled with health, wellness, spirituality, religion, self help and other cool books, angel cards, crystals and other cool little knick-knacks. If you ever have the chance, GO THERE - you won't regret it. After wandering for what felt likes hours I picked three books to purchase, one of which was The Tapping Solution. This book is a introductory and practical guide to the practice of EFT tapping (emotional freedom technique tapping). I am familiar with EFT, having watched The Tapping Solution documentary a few years ago, but I have always wanted to learn more about it. So far I have only read a few chapters and been practicing tapping for a few days, but already I can see how powerful, effective and simple this technique is. It is useful for releasing emotions that are buried deep within our consciousness, alleviating physical pain and stress, overcoming addictions, weight issues, relationship and financial beliefs, food cravings and clearing childhood traumas. The best part is that all of this is achieved through simply tapping in a sequential manner on specific acupressure points of the body and using specific scripts - it is quick, painless and effective! Obviously I still have a lot to learn, but if you are curious to learn more about tapping just click on the link above and it will take you to the "official" website (of Nick Ortner and The Tapping Solution). They have heaps of information there and some videos to guide you through some basic tapping techniques.

Listening to: Knife Edge by Matt Corby

As I have alluded to previously I am not the biggest music buff about, but I am slowly getting better with the help of my friends, including my great mate Tyler, who introduced me to this song during our drive home a few weeks ago. It is a beautiful song, and as I discovered another great one to pair with yoga! But since I describing music is not my forte, you should check out Tyler's post - Matt Corby Album Review. Or just go listen to the song, you won't regret it.

Watching:The Power of Introverts Ted Talk by Susan Cain

There has been a book on my ever-growing 'to read' list for some time called 'Quiet: the power of introverts' by Susan Cain. Whilst I am yet to get around to reading it, her Ted Talk was shared by a friend on Facebook and I jumped on it immediately. The 20-minute video sure does give everyone a lot to think about regarding the way we structure our school and work environments, gearing them in a manner that favours extroverts. She speaks not only to the introverts of the audience, but also addresses the extroverts and explains to them how to best interact with introverts.

For me personally it was enlightening and clarifying, as I have been somewhat confused as to whether I am an introvert or extrovert of late. When I was younger I was most certainly an introvert, I liked to work alone, read, be by myself. Large crowds, busy streets and boisterous peers kind of made me feel like I was suffocating. Whenever I did the Myer's Briggs personality testing I was always strongly introverted. But over the past few years, especially the last few years at school, I started to become more comfortable in my own skin and my confidence grew, and with this so did my extroverted tendencies. This change was so dramatic that my friends from boarding school, when asked, classified me as an extrovert, much to my surprise! Even the other day I did an online version of Myer's Briggs and I came out as an extrovert - again surprising.

After watching Susan's talk I would say that I am an extroverted introvert, or an introvert with strong extrovert tendencies. In fact, I am probably almost at the point of being ambi-verted (a balance of introvert and extrovert), a term which Susan explains in her speech. At my core I still value my alone time, I still prefer to work alone and I am energised by being alone and drained by social situations (sometimes). Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert (or both), if you are curious I would watch this video as Susan has some insights for everyone.

Quoting + Pondering: 

This week I have decided to jam these two sections together, mostly because this quote/image that I stumbled across on Instagram really got me thinking and I have so much to say on this topic that it will probably warrant an entire blog post at some point. Here it is, take a moment to read and consider this...

Makes you think...
Makes you think...

I think this great little image pretty much sums up a lot of what is so wrong and twisted in our modern-day lives. We value hard work and work ethic so much that we push ourselves to the brink of exhaustion, and sometimes even beyond it. I know how this feels because I have been guilty of this so many times in the past. Even know I have to be very firm with myself when I need downtime to make sure I take it. Saying no to people, events and tasks is hard, but I have to do it for my own sanity.

I am sure many people can relate. We are so sure that we have to keep pushing on to be successful that to take time for ourselves, to recharge and relax feels selfish. But it is in fact the opposite. Self-care is vital, crucial and enables us to show up in the world as the best version of ourselves. Taking time out of your day to practice self-care, whatever that looks like for you, will enable you to be more efficient and productive anyway. It is a win-win. When you take care of yourself you will feel better, look better, sleep better, work better and just generally be a better person - you can really shine.

So keep this in mind next time you consider compromising your own health, wellbeing and sanity for the sake of pushing. If you are running on fumes, find some way to refill the tank. No matter what your situation is, I am sure if you look hard enough you can find some way to take a break. You deserve it. As I said, this will most likely spawn into a blog post soon enough, so keep reading!

Eating: Zucchini Pesto Pasta 

Zucchini Pesto Pasta + Smoked Salmon
Zucchini Pesto Pasta + Smoked Salmon

Peta and I are somewhat obsessed with this zucchini pesto pasta since we tried Lola Berry's recipe over the Easter long weekend. It is SUPER simple to make (takes maximum ten minutes) and you end up with a deliciously creamy, but light, bowl of green goodness.

To make it all you need to do is whip up a batch of pesto (chuck some pine nuts, basil, olive oil, pepper, garlic into blender and blend), spiralize a few zucchinis (approx. one per person). Then chuck the pesto, zucchini and any other ingredients of your choice into a large fry pan with some more olive oil and cook for a few minutes until well mixed and creamy. You can add optional meat if you like, so far I have tried chicken, smoked salmon and bacon and they all work really well, just make sure to cook the meat off first before you add the pesto and zucchini. Chopped tomatoes also add a nice touch of colour (other than green) and taste great in this recipe.

Moving: Yin yoga

Over the past year Yin has quickly become one of my favourite styles of yoga. Essentially, Yin is based around the idea of the Yin and Yang energies, in which Yang is very powerful, motivated, strong and fast (masculine) and Yin is slower, restorative, introverted, quiet and peaceful (feminine). Yin yoga classes usually consist of gentle and relaxing postures that are held for extended periods of time (up to ten minutes). It is incredibly relaxing, restorative and great if you are just not feeling like doing a heap of strong yoga poses. Of course there is always a balance between Yin and Yang, so when I am feeling strong my practice can be very Yang, but this week I have been craving more Yin, and I have followed that craving. And for the ladies out there, Yin is especially beautiful to practice around 'that time of the month', as it nurtures your body in a gentle way and helps to regulate a healthy menstrual cycle.

Grateful for: crisp Autumn mornings

Well, until this morning.... Only kidding! As much as I am a summer person who thrives in hot weather and sunshine, practicing gratitude has made me appreciate all four seasons and what they have to offer. The other morning I woke up to a beautiful, crisp and fresh autumn morning that just made me feel so refreshed and alive, and I was so grateful for that. I am grateful for the autumn sunshine that builds gradually during the day and is warm but gentle. I am grateful for the cooler mornings and evenings that mean I can snuggle up with a big cup of tea or bowl of steaming hot soup. I am grateful for the shorter days, which means I sleep better because it is dark for longer! Oh, and I am grateful for the man who stood next to me on the tram this morning with a cup of coffee - I LOVE the smell of coffee!

Love Erica x