Morning beautiful souls. It's going to be a quick WILW this week, on account of the fact that I have two big mid-semester tests tomorrow and Friday which are demanding my attention. I hope that this post finds you well and cruising happily through your week!


This week I am...

Reading:You Are Enough by Cassie Mendoza-Jones


I have been following Cassie's blog for some time now and so when I saw she was releasing a book I was naturally intrigued, although at first I did not rush out to buy it. However, when I was in the TS Bookshop a few weeks ago it jumped out at me from the shelf and I took that as a sign that I am meant to read it. I have already devoured several chapters, simply because Cassie writes so simply and beautifully that you can simply absorb her message without having to analyse or break down the text. Her message to women (and men) everywhere is one that needs to be shared, as she is a massive proponent of slowing down, of dropping comparisonitis from our lives and truly following your intended path. She also shares helpful exercises within her book to help you shift old ideas and truly realise that you are enough, exactly as you are.

Listening to: my body Okay, so it might seem kind of corny, but this week it was particularly pertinent as I was smacked down with a pretty nasty cold on Sunday. As I have mentioned before, I have a tendency to push myself too hard and ignore my body's calls for rest, which ultimately ends in me getting sick. So sure enough, after two weeks of pushing hard, I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy head on Sunday. Immediately I was aware that I had to listen to the message my body was sending me - REST, you idiot! However, like most people, I also live a life that requires me to do certain things that really can't be put on hold and so I couldn't just stop completely (although that is exactly what I felt like doing). Instead, for the past few days I have been resting and restoring my strength in as many ways as I can possibly think of whilst also doing the bare minimum required of me at this point (i.e. studying hard for these two tests). I have been going to bed earlier, letting myself sleep in, doing gentle yoga and walking, eating lots of soup loaded with garlic and chilli (my cold remedy), listening to my cravings (cacao was one of them), dosing up on Vitamin C and Chinese herbal mushrooms and doing a lot of dry body-brushing to activate my lymphatic system (key for the immune system). The moral of this story is one we can all learn from - listen to your body, it has a whole lot of innate wisdom that we should trust. The good news is that I feel a million times better this morning and so I think the cold is on the way out!

Watching: The Spiritual Purpose of Relationships by Marianne Williamson I watched this video last night and holy moly I was blown away. It is so moving, powerful, enlightening and empowering, you simply have to watch it! Marianne is widely acknowledged as one of the great spiritual teachers of our time and to see her speak so passionately is incredible. Her metaphor of our bodies being lamps and electricity being the Universal energy of intention was so simple and yet so insightful, it really opened my eyes and heart to the truth of our existence (wow, that's pretty deep for a Wednesday morning). I was also reminded that ultimately spirituality is not about me, I and my, but about us, as a collective spirit and learning to love one another, wounds and all. Another message that resonated with me last night was the importance of surrendering to the Universal power of intention so that we may become the highest manifestation of ourselves in this lifetime. There is SO much wisdom in this 22-minute video, take the time to watch it and I am confident you too will find some (if not many) nuggets in it.



Today I just thought I would leave you with this great quote from Dr. Seuss. It is actually probably my favourite quote of all time. Enjoy!

Eating: Eggs Because my parents are simply some of the coolest people around, for Easter we didn't get chocolate, instead we got an Easter hamper consisting of an array of goodies from the farmer's market that included a tray of jumbo eggs from the local free-range chicken place. Thus, I've been enjoying these delicious eggs for the past two weeks and I've still got plenty left. I've said it many times before, but in my opinion eggs are just about the most perfect food in the world. They are super nutritious, contain a great balance of fats, carbs and protein and can be transformed into a whole host of delicious things from omelettes, to zucchini fritters and beyond. Eggs have always been a staple food in my diet, a fact that I detested as a child (I desperately wanted Nutrigrain for breakfast but Mum and Dad insisted that we had eggs every single morning... see, how great are they?!). I'll quite often have eggs (or more specifically veggie scramble) for breakfast, lunch or dinner, because it is the quickest, easiest and most delicious meal I can make with just about any ingredients. So here's a shout out to eggs for just being awesome food, and to chickens for providing us with these nourishing globs of goodness.

Pondering: stand up comedy On Saturday night Tyler and I went to see a fantastic show by Felicity Ward at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, which reminded me of a random thought I had earlier in the year... If you were to do a stand-up comedy show, what would you talk about? What would be the basis of your monologue and where in your life can you find quirky humour? I started pondering this one morning during my summer holidays, whilst reflecting on the intelligence of stand-up comedians who create these magical, hilarious stories that wind around and ultimately end up back where they started with the punch line. And then I wondered what I would talk about if I were to do a stand-up comedy routine... Don't worry, I am not intending on doing it any time soon. But pondering such a topic also made me aware of how comedians have the ability to find humour and joy in the oddest moments in life, which is a way is kind of like positivity, right? They put a positive (or funny) spin on often sad or unfortunate occurrences and are also extremely observant, which allows them to utilise societal norms and tendencies as a basis for their jokes. Since having these ponderings I have asked a few people what they would talk about if they were to do a stand-up show, and most simply respond that they would never do such a thing. I posed this question to Tyler and thankfully he understood and we had a little discussion about what we would talk about. Maybe you'd like to think about it too? What would your comedy stand-up show be based on? Where in your life can you find humour?

Moving: riding When I moved to Melbourne I, like many other Melbournians, chose to get a bike and thus riding became my primary means of transport. At first it took a while to get used to riding (man oh man I was sore as hell for the first few weeks), but gradually I came to really enjoy riding and appreciate the many perks of riding - it is environmentally friendly, bonus exercise, quick, easy,  you never have to worry about parking and you can bypass traffic jams on the footpath! Last week I rode around quite a bit and I rediscovered the joy and freedom of riding my bike. It is great exercise as it seriously gets your heart rate up (especially if you are making a desperate uphill sprint to make it to lecture on time!), is awesome for building leg and core strength and just generally keeping you fit. If you have a bike and live somewhere where it is practical to ride, I would highly encourage you to consider riding to and from work/uni... It might add a few minutes to your commute but it is so nice to get some fresh air and a little exercise at each end of your day.

Aiming to: stay calm If I am 100% honest this week has been overwhelming. We all have them, those weeks when you just hope and pray you make it to Friday alive (I'm half way there!). I have had so many important things that I needed to get done and looking at my calendar was slightly daunting to say the least. And then I got sick and thought "Great... Just what I need." Apart from a few minor momentary freak outs, I've actually managed to achieve my goal of staying calm. One thing I know about myself is that I never fail to get everything done - EVER. I know I will get it done to the best of my ability, but my best is a lot better when I am calm and focussed, rather than stressed and jittery. Meditation has been even more important this week to help me achieve this goal of staying calm. But right now I do feel calm and in control. Yes, I still have a lot to do, but it will all be okay. And in times like these I also love to remind myself that "this too shall pass".

Grateful for: YOU! If you have reached this point of the post that means you have actually taken some time out of your day to open up this post and read it from start to end. So thank you. Thank you for caring about what I have to say, thank you for being open to my suggestions and thank you mostly for your support. Ultimately, this blog and these posts are all about sharing cool things that I discover with you. So thank you, I am eternally grateful to you!

And on that note I am off to study the wonders of genetics! Happy Wednesday everyone.

Love Erica x