WILW #11

Although this is the 11th instalment of What I’m Loving Wednesday it is actually my (Peta) first time! Following in Erica’s lead I have chosen to keep the layout the same but I hope to bring my own individuality to this segment!

  • Reading

More – By Lorna Jane

After receiving this book for my birthday from a friend I did not hesitate before delving straight into it! Lorna Jane has always been an inspiration to me and I enjoy that this book gives an insight into her life and the habits she chooses to practice daily to embody her philosophy of Active Living.

The lovely Lorna Jane

The lovely Lorna Jane

It is a light read, with many pictures and inspirational quotes throughout. I love the philosophy and values that Lorna Jane and her company promote and this book really helps to hone in on some of these and how each person should practice them, every day.

  • Listening to

Lewis Howes Podcast’s

I usually ride my bike to University each day, which generally takes 30 minutes so I find this is a good time to plug in a podcast and listen while I am riding (and of course still stay aware of traffic around me!). Recently (after the recommendation by Erica) I subscribed to the Lewis Howe’s School of Greatness podcasts. Lewis is a writer, lifestyle coach and active advocate of finding your inner greatness, hence the name School of Greatness. He records his interviews with many very influential and successful people to understand what inspires them to achieve greatness and also their secrets to reaching their potential and how you can also do this. They are all very uplifting and motivating speakers with great variation in the stories they tell. Each day is a new journey for me with these podcasts and I am really enjoying hearing from so many amazing people that I previously had no clue about! They all offer many great and simple tips to establish in your daily routine to enhance your life, which I have tried to incorporate where possible.

Lewis Howes - School of Greatness

Lewis Howes - School of Greatness

  • Quoting

waynedyer quote

waynedyer quote

Last week was quite an overwhelming week as University got busier and many additional tasks started to pile up. Staying true to my guns I wrote myself a list of tasks I had to achieve on Sunday – all unrelated to homework and was overwhelmed by the sheer length of the list… And as the list continued to grow I got more overwhelmed. After my best attempt, of course, I never got to the end of my list (although I got close), however I did come to realise that although these tasks need to be done in the near future, they were dragging me away from the present moment. My mind was filled with swirling thoughts, what I needed to add to the to-do list, how I could organise my time best to achieve them all etc… In doing this I was actively living in the future, and not really noticing what was happening day-by-day and appreciating the little things I achieved each day – instead I was so focused on getting to the end of the list (which if your lists are anything like mine, they do not have an end). So after finding this quote I thought it summed up how I aim to look at life in order to accept what life is now rather than constantly thinking of things I need to do to improve it.

Take home message: Live in the moment and take each day one at a time.

  • Eating

Raw “cheese” cake… and lots of it!

I was also lucky enough to receive an entire raw cake of three assorted flavours for my birthday (thank you Eloise <3), which I am slowly devouring piece by piece. I am not really sure how I enjoyed life before I discovered raw cheesecakes (kidding of course...) but boy am I glad they are my go-to treat now!

If you want to make your own Raw Cake head to the recipe section of the blog, where Erica and I have shared our all time favourite recipes!

A beautiful selection of raw cheesecake slices

A beautiful selection of raw cheesecake slices

  • Pondering

Risk taking. This was sparked after a lovely Sunday morning yoga class at Lulu Lemon where the instructor prompted us to think about the last time we took a risk in our lives. We were told to reflect on the past day, week or month and notice the areas of our lives where we shy away from taking risks or that we just comfortably lull through almost mindlessly. For me I can always relate this to my yoga practice. In my own practice I love to indulge myself in doing my favourite poses everyday. However, when I go to classes (such as this one) I often get pushed outside of my comfort zone and forced to try the poses I purposely avoid. That is why this week I am committing myself to taking risks in my yoga practice, but also in life. When was the last time you took a real risk? One that made your knees wobble just a little bit and gave you butterflies. Why not make this week a challenge to notice where in your life you are taking a little too easy and make an effort to take a risk! Because as they say without risks, there is no gain.

  • Moving

Swimming. I have joined the University Swimming Club and love being back in the water. I grew up immersed in water from as young as I can remember. As a child I did swimming lessons, which progressed to swimming club for an extensive period of my life. However, after many years I chose to give it up for diving and thought I would never look back. But, today I am happy to say that I am back swimming and loving it more than ever. It is certainly challenging but doing it out of enjoyment rather than competition really does make it more fun!

  • Aiming to

Raise funds for Africa!

As some of you may know in January 2017 I will be heading over to South Africa to a small village in St Lucia to volunteer. During this time I will be helping to build facilities, sustainable farming units and teaching English to children in schools and creches in the community. I will also be involved in working with national parks and helping rehabilitate Cheetahs and Leopards. I would really appreciate any donation you are able to make! Your donation will help to facilitate the means for implementing a major community development project, cover hiring local skilled trades people to supervise and assist in the building projects, building materials and donations to local organisations.

Therefore, I would really appreciate any donations or support!

The link to my donations page: https://www.youcaring.com/community-of-st-lucia-swaziland-538483#.Vu5iiWXsYyg.facebook

More information about the trip: http://www.vesabroad.com.au/projects/south-africa

  • Grateful for

Good food! I predominately get all of my food from the Adelaide Farmer’s Market on Sunday mornings and I am really loving this ritual and the vast array of fresh and in-season produce available there. It is also fantastic to be able to buy directly off the farmer’s and actually see the effort and love they put into their food. I made up a massive roasted veggie salad on Sunday using all of my veggies that I bought and it is surely seeing me through this week for lunches, dinners and go to snacks!

I often get comments from people saying that eating healthy is ‘too hard’ or requires ‘too much time’, which really saddens me when I hear such things. Yes. It does require effort and organisation but if you do it right there really is no time burden placed on you. For example, the roast veggie salad requires cooking the quinoa (10-15 minutes), cutting the vegetables (5 minutes), and then smashing it all together once both components are cooked (30 seconds)! So this weekend I encourage you to at least try making a few healthy lunches that you can whip out of the fridge in the morning so you are not required to make potentially bad health choices when it comes to lunchtime and you are starving and have no pre-prepared food. It will also save you a bucket load of money in the end!

Messy Veg Salad

Messy Veg Salad

*Please oversee the messy photo of the veggie salad, I promise it is amazing!

Ingredients: pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, beetroot, capsicum, eggplant (all roasted), purple cabbage (lightly sautéed in coconut oil), tri-colour quinoa, avocado, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, coriander!