WILW #13

Hello, Peta here! Please enjoy this post about what I am loving this beautiful Wednesday. Also, if you're in Australia - welcome to the first day of winter!

  • Reading:

The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge

After reading another book by Norman (The Brains way of Healing) I was instantly captured! These books are filled with inspirational and truly revolution stories of people recovering from so many broad and debilitating neurological diseases. Upon completion of the first book I became extremely interested in neurology and the idea of neuroplasticity. Both books are quite information rich and go to great lengths to explain the details of each method used, which can sometimes make them heavy reading at times! But I would highly, highly recommend either of the books to anyone, whether you are a neuroscientist or if you don’t know the first thing about brains! These remarkable stories of patients mending their brains using such diverse methods are sure to shock and intrigue. There is no doubt that these books have inspired me to hopefully pursue neuroscience in the future and learn more about the amazing adaptive abilities of our brain.

  • Listening to:

Hamish and Andy

If you are ever in need of comedic relief or just something to take your mind off that ever-looming assignment, test, meeting or deadline – tune into Hamish and Andy. They are radio broadcasters who are usually on the radio in the evening on a certain radio station (depending on where you live). However, I usually listen to their podcasts on my way to University using the Podcast app on my phone. There hour of laughs, jokes and just outrageous stunts keep me very entertained and never fail to make me laugh!

  • Quoting:

My favourite quote of all time that I am definitely quoting everyday, not just this week is: everything happens for a reason. You most likely would have heard this quote before, but just take a minute now to let it really resonate with you and think about what it really means. For me, this quote has got me through many struggles and triumphs in my life. I am forever grateful for everything that happens (even if it is bad) because I know there is always a reason for it. This can be really hard to see when you are right in the thick of a huge life dilemma, but I hope you can always reflect back maybe days, months or even years after and identify the reason why that event occurred. The more I surround myself with this quote the more accepting of situations I have become. When something doesn’t go the way I want it to I now aim to always first take a moment to stand back and assess the situation and try to see the silver lining or the reason for the event before I react. But, ultimately, in many situations this reason may not always present to us immediately or at all. I love this quote so much that I have it printed on my laptop case as an everyday reminder.

  • Eating:


To be honest, I was so scared of trying sauerkraut and any kind of fermented vegetable. The reason for this was because I was very aware of the various health benefits offered by these wonder foods and this made me so worried that I would try them and not like them… therefore I avoided them for a long time! But finally, after pondering if for some time I finally purchased a jar of sauerkraut a few months back and started adding it to my salads and eggs. I was expecting to have to force myself through the first jar before I would even begin to be able to tolerate the taste, but to my surprise the very fist time I had it, I loved it! Yes, it has a unique and bitter taste but I have come to crave it daily! I find they taste best mixed into a salad or savoury meal and give it a little extra oomph and flavour. So go and give them a try at least once!

Some of the health benefits of sauerkraut if particular are listed below:


Image source: https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/other/sauerkraut.html

  • Moving:


I am really enjoying riding my new bike (that I got for my birthday) to University everyday. I find it a great way to sneak in some quick aerobic exercise, whilst also saving a heap of money on parking, fuel, bus tickets etc. It is also a very convenient mode of transport in that I can ride home as soon as I finish uni, rather than having to wait for transport or for a ride from someone. So if you have a bike hidden away in the back of your yard/shed slowly turning into a dust pile I encourage you to whip it out and take it for a spin! You don’t particularly need a destination… you can always just go for a ride and explore your neighbourhood. I also find that it is a good 30 minutes of my day where I can listen to something I enjoy or just enjoy the silence.

  • Aiming to:

Drink more water! We are all very aware of how crucially important water is for our body, each and every day. We also know that we should all be drinking at least 2 litres each day, plus extra if we are exercising. However, I began to notice lately that I would be lucky to finish one drink bottle everyday. So over the last week and a bit I have been trying to make a conscious effort to consume more water. I measure this generally by how many water bottles I go through each day. So far I have been going pretty well and definitely drinking more water than I did before! However, I do notice that I get thirsty a lot more often now, which helps to remind me to drink more! Coming into the colder months it is also a good time to be aware that you are not consuming too many warm drinks like coffee and tea and skimping out on keeping up with you water intake.

  • Grateful for:


I still wake up everyday purely flabbergasted by the amount of opportunities I have available to me. Sometimes I know we can get so caught up in focusing on what is wrong or the one thing we didn’t get that we really wanted, but I think this really takes away from our appreciation of everything we get on a daily basis. These things don’t always need to be huge opportunities like getting to travel, have holidays or get a new car they can simply be having lunch, breathing fresh air or the freedom to pursue what you want to.

Lately, especially I have become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of opportunities I have been offered! It has definitely increased the amount of things that I am juggling on my plate but instead of looking at my week and thinking how “busy” it looks I prefer to look at it with gratitude and appreciate all the wonderful things I get to do this week (yes Uni included). It is so important to not overlook opportunities because there are so many others in the world who don’t have these everyday luxuries.

Thank you for reading and happy hump day! xx