WILW #17

Hey all, it is Peta here for another WILW to get your through Hump Day!

  • Watching

3 Doctors Debate the Best Way to Eat


I found this video on MindBodyGreen last week. Vegan, paleo, gluten free or sugar free, what should you be? I think with all the information and evidence out there this can be confusing for anyone. This video addresses this issue from three different views through the opinions from three professionals that are highly regarded in the health industry, but do not follow the same eating principles. I think it highlights the current debate among many members of the health conscious community about who has the ‘perfect’ way of eating. Personally, I believe we should all just eat what makes us feel good because I think there is no one size fits all approach for diet.

  • Quoting

Your day is pretty much formed by how you spend your first hour


This quote aligns with one of my biggest pieces of life advice; if you want to feel better and healthier everyday do something in the morning! I so strongly believe that it is vital to spend at least 30 minutes every morning doing something for yourself before you even begin your day, start your phone up or eat breakfast. For me, I chose to spend at least an hour each morning doing yoga because I find it is the perfect way to wake myself up and reconnect before beginning each day. However, yoga does not always have to be your thing, it may be doing a workout, going for a walk, doing meditation or even just watching the sunrise. I understand that this is quite a commitment and does involve waking up that bit earlier but it is well worth it for the clarity and bounce it brings to your day!

  • Eating

Turmeric Lattes!


Although this is a drink… it is well worth a mention in this weeks WILW. Since coming home on Saturday I have had at least one turmeric latte everyday! But oh my gosh are they amazing!! The business that makes the powder is Australian owned and run. Each serving contains 10.9 grams of turmeric, which is unreal considering the amazing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits of this wonder herb. I also love the ease of the powder, as I simply mix it with coconut milk and froth using a coffee machine to make the perfect golden latte. It also has some vanilla and cinnamon added already so it makes the perfect sweet beverage without any nasty’s or sweeteners.

However, the best thing about this powder is the energy boost it provides! I cannot even begin to explain the amount of energy I have had this week. It is truly unreal how such a simple thing (or drink in this case) can make such a huge difference. All day I am alive and pumping with energy even more so than I have ever been!

I very much encourage you to give this chai mix a go, but do be warned it can be quite pricey due to the high content of turmeric.

  • Apps

Sleep Time

sleep time
sleep time

I have added a new category to WILW this week, which is what apps I am loving! With such a vast app store available on any Apple products it is all to easy to get lost for hours looking and searching for different applications. Being an application enthusiast myself I aim to share some of my favourite FREE iPhone applications that help in my daily life.

This week I am starting with Sleep Time, which is an app that measures and assesses your quality and quantity of sleep. It also allows a half hour interval for your alarm to wake you up when you are in the lightest sleep and hence aims for a less abrupt and more pleasant alarm bell each morning. I have been using this app for a few months now and I have to say I love it! It is really interesting to wake up each morning and see my sleep cycle and know exactly how many hours of REM sleep I had. However, this app does require your phone to be face down on your mattress next to you… so I stress the importance of turning on airplane mode and do not disturb to protect yourself from hours of radiation each night. Give this app a download and try it our for yourself tonight to see how well you actually do sleep!

  • Moving

HIIT (high-intensity interval training)

This style of workout has definitely become popular lately and for a good reason! It is fast (perfect for time tight people) and effective. My favourite version of this type of workout is treadmill based. It involves cranking the treadmill up to as fast as you can run, standing on the edge and then jumping on and running for thirty seconds, followed by jumping off and having thirty seconds rest. Repeat this for 15 minutes and you are done! Give it a go next time you have a spare quarter of an hour.

  • Aiming to

Set some new goals.

With my first semester of university done and dusted the holidays offer a perfect time to sit down and hone in on some new goals for the second half of the year and beyond! After receiving a beautiful goals journal from Erica at the end of last year it provides the perfect canvas to write down goals for the future. I think it is so important to set goals, because without out them you have no direction and I find it provides me with motivation and drive each day to get closer to that end goal. Everyone choses to set goals differently, so I think it is just important that you set the intention and work towards the goal each and every day.

  • Grateful for

Healthy available food


After heading off to the local Farmers market on Sunday, Mum and I returned with this massive haul of food! It makes me so grateful that I have all of this fresh and healthy food available to me 24/7. I know I am very lucky to a. Have markets like this available to me and b. Have a mother who understands the importance of eating real food and allowing me to go a little mental and literally buy it all! Yes, that is 10kg of apples you can see there…

We also recently watched a documentary called Living on One Dollar a Day, which follows four university students over to Gutamala and watches them attempt to live on one dollar a day, like most of the locals do. They (and me) were most shocked by the lack of food they could afford to buy and the detriments this had to their health. The children in these areas have growth problems and fail to thrive due to their lack of nutrition. This really reminds me how lucky I am to have a cupboard and fridge filled with food that I can access anytime.

Have a lovely Wednesday everyone! Enjoy all the luxuries you have available to you and remind someone close to you how important they are to you this week.


Peta xx