WILW #19

Peta here! I hope you are all enjoying your hump day so far. Here is my latest edition of WILW. Remember to take some time out today and set a mid-week goal or practice gratitude before finishing off the week.

  • Apps


This is an app that I have been using since my last year 12 exam (last November). It simply allows you to make a short one-second video each day and compiles it together. I have found it a great thing to do because now I have an almost 4 minute video of all the exciting things I have done since finishing year 12!


  • Watching

How to stay young

Last week and this week the ABC screened a two-part mini series called ‘How to Stay Young’ at 8:30pm on Tuesday night. If you did not manage to catch it last night/last week here is a link to the first episode: http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/how-to-stay-young/ZW0782A001S00 

I highly suggest you take an hour out of your day to watch it because it was truly fantastic! The presenters searched around to find the best ways to keep the mind and body young. They also observed many groundbreaking experiments using small groups to investigate different forms of exercise on longevity. Although I am only 19 years old, these tips are all still relevant as the earlier they are implemented, the better. The first episode highlighted a vegan lifestyle as most beneficial for longevity due to the reduced consumption of animal protein and queened dancing as one of the best forms of exercise to prevent muscle degrading and remaining active. Whilst the second episode highlighted the importance of walking and revealed purple sweet potatoes as being a super food for a long and healthy life.

  • Quoting

“Everyone is doing the best they can with the knowledge they have” - Dad

This is one of Dad’s favourite quotes to whip out time after time when someone may do something we view as inappropriate or undesirable. However, I have recently been reflecting upon this quote and have come to really love its multi-faceted meaning. It can help to explain so many, often frustrating, situations in life. It applies to road rage through to more serious dilemmas. It highlights the fact that instead of getting angry in these situations we should instead understand that the person is simply doing their best with what they know. It also aligns with the idea that we have not walked in anyone else’s shoes and hence should withhold judgment on their actions.

  • Eating

Plenty of brunch! A weekend in Melbourne visiting Erica just would not be complete without devoting at least two outings to brunch! We are slowly but surely making our way through the best brunch cafes of Melbourne.

The two we went to last weekend were Serotonin (new for me, but Erica is a regular) and Little Big Sugar Salt (new for both of us).

Serotonin – delicious food, bustling atmosphere, share tables, colourful ingredients & a to die for healthy replication of a Magnum ice cream.

Little Big Sugar Salt – cute, quirky, great food, lovely people, friendly resident dog, in the middle of nowhere & concise menu.


  • Pondering

The importance of phrasing

We all are aware that our thoughts eventually become our actions and thus how important positive thinking is. However, recently I have begun to notice phrases that we can so quickly off-handedly say without thinking about the kind of things this may be programming into us.

For example the one I struggle with the most is: “I can’t afford it”. By constantly saying this, even if it may be the truth, it is further ingraining this way of thinking so that even when I do have money I’m still stuck in the old ways of thinking I can’t afford things. Erica and I had a conversation about this and developed a great alternative of saying “it is not a priority at the moment”. This removes the negative phrasing to prevent your brain from forming a connection between items and lack of money. As they say ‘what you resist persists’.

  • Moving


Running is still one of my favourite ways to be active. I find it is a great stress relief and I always run outside so it is also a great way to get in touch with nature for a short period of time. I have not been running regularly in quite a while so I tend to just stick to short distance runs every so often. In winter it is also a great way to warm up quickly! Whether you run for 10 minutes or an hour the most important thing is that you get out there and enjoy it.


  • Aiming to

Read before bed

Growing up it was always engrained in me to read before going to sleep. This habit carried on well into my teenage years and I still try my best to do it every night. However, with Uni getting busy and lack of sleep catching up with me towards the end of the semester I began sacrificing this time for sleep. So with a week and a half of holidays left I am aiming to continue working through the ever-growing pile of books on my bedside table! I also find it a great opportunity to wind down and have time away from technology right before bed, which helps to improve sleep quality.

  • Grateful for

My recent trip to Melbourne to see Erica

Although we only got three days together I am always grateful for the time I get to spend with my amazing sister! We are more like soul mates than sisters really, but living apart has really challenged and strengthened our relationship. It was also good to have a decent catch up after many months apart and before Erica heads off to Canada for her exchange!


Peta xx