Super Beetroot Soup

I am totally obsessed with the colour of this soup!
I am totally obsessed with the colour of this soup!

The other day I was at the farmer's market when I spied a bunch of beautiful looking beetroot and decided to buy it with an idea in mind of roasting them to make a big salad at some point. Sadly, before I could do that our oven broke and so roast veggie salads were no longer an option. At first I was disheartened, but then as the saying goes when life gives you lemons make lemonade, so I Googled some beetroot soup recipes and came across this one for Super Beetroot Soup w/ Celery, Apple and Turmeric on Veggie Num Num (a super cute blog too, check it out).

The soup was quick and easy to make and turned out wonderfully, despite me substituting water for stock because I didn't have any veggie stock. It was light, yet flavourful, and was definitely packed with a good hit of antioxidants and other awesome nutrients. I also lightly pan toasted some pumpkin seeds and sprinkled raw buckwheat over the top for some added crunch. And there you have it, the Super Beetroot Soup, perfect for winter... or when you're oven breaks!

Have a great Friday everyone.

Love Erica x