WILW #23

I hope you are all enjoying your hump day so far. Here is what I am loving this week!

  • Listening to

The rain

Although I am definitely a summer person and much prefer blues skies and the sun shining, I do try to make an effort to appreciate the others seasons and how the environment changes accordingly. Recently in Adelaide we have had quite a few miserable rainy days, which I am not always too ecstatic about. However, I think it is important to take the time to notice and appreciate the rain and weather rather than being annoyed that I can’t do outside activities. Today, for example, I look out the window and it is grey skies with forecast rain. This means that I can’t take my usual transport to Uni (bike) because I would most likely get drenched! So the bus it is. So yes it is an inconvenience, but one that I strive to appreciate more than I complain about.

  • Apping



I have had this app on my iPhone since I first got it pretty much. I use it to track any activity I do from riding, waking to running. There are plenty of these types of trackers out there but I do love the setup of runkeeper and have become familiar with it. It is a free app that I find great to track the kilometres you do. It keeps a weekly record so you can compare week to week and also allows you to rate your activity after each session.

  • Eating

Peanut butter


This will always be one of my favourite foods of all time… there is just nothing like it! These last few weeks in particular I have gone through more jars than I would like to admit to… but I have no regrets! I love that it is such a versatile food and can satisfy almost any cravings. Peanuts also contain many nutrients and benefits that can all be received from peanut butter. However, this is only true of the natural peanut butter that is purely crushed peanuts rather than the ones packed full of sugar and salt. My favourite brand is Mayver's, which is an Australian owned and run company that makes a huge range of natural spreads with no additives! Ps. you must try the peanut and coconut spread.

  • Pondering

A tutor of mine at University made a comment that has made me reconsider and ponder a few things in my life recently. She said “bite of more than you can chew and learn to chew like hell”. Initially, this kind of comment would go against a lot of my beliefs, such as maintaining balance and keeping in control of things in my life so I don’t get overloaded. However, she went on to say along the lines of ‘these are the days of your life, this is the time you can handle these things so why not do everything you want to?’. Since this particular tutorial I have been thinking about this and am beginning to see her reasoning. If you never get out of your comfort zone or push yourself that little bit further you will never know what you are actually capable of. Another classmate also mentioned that she often looks back on semesters and all the things she achieved/balanced during that period and is in shock of how she managed to handle it all, and I realised I often do a similar thing. I do not spend my days aimlessly, I am constantly on the go or working towards something. Some people may just describe this as “busy” but I think I am lucky to have so many passions in life to occupy my time!

  • Moving



I have never been the gym type. I have probably only entered a gym a few times in my life, but last week I took up a free 5 day membership to GoodLife health clubs and tried out some different classes. At first it was a bit daunting because I felt very out of place and really had no clue what I was doing and everyone else was rushing around like they do each week. However, after a few classes I started to get the hang of it and found it a lot less intimidating and actually enjoyable! On Monday I committed myself to a membership, so I am looking forward to getting even more familiar with the place.

  • Aiming to

Balance friends and university better

Last semester I found myself fully engrossed in my first semester of university. Almost everything I did was for university and majority of the social events were with my new friends from Uni. However, this semester I am aiming to balance this a bit more and try to regularly catch up with friends from school and home.

  • Grateful for


After having just over 12 hours without any water in our house because I accidentally ran over a tap on Monday I have come to be very grateful for running water! It is definitely a commodity that I don’t think I truly appreciated enough until it was gone. Lets just say that I am now very grateful and aware of all our running water!

Until next time, stay healthy and happy!

Peta xx