WILW #27

One week into spring and already we are looking at a top of 24 today here in Adelaide! I am absolutely loving this warmer weather, sunshine and longer days! However, the forecast for tomorrow does not look as sunny and warm, unfortunately… Anyway! Here is what I have been loving for the past couple of weeks!

  • Listening to


I have had spotify on my phone/laptop for a while now but never really got into using it very much. However, recently I have found using the browse section there are so many great playlists available to listen to, as I just can’t find the time to make all these individual playlists for myself. There are also some lovely calming tracks and it offers you the ability to follow certain individuals and what they are listening to.

  • Quoting

This quote really rings home for me. In everything I do I try to make the most of all the relationships I have in my life. But, I also think it is important to not just appreciate those people that you do have relationships with, but also the strangers you walk by everyday, that person serving you at the check out or the person who held the door open for you. We can so often be caught up in our own little worlds that we become completely oblivious to the fact that there are almost 8 billion other people walking the planet with us that also have loved ones, problems they are dealing with and things they aspire to. So why not chuck a smile their way, start up a conversation or compliment them. We all know that a compliment from a stranger can mean even more than one from a friend or family member. Do not ever treat others as just a means to an end, treat them as if they are the end. No matter what their background, their skin colour or their religion, we are all human. I believe this quote kind of sums up how we should make each and every person feel special.

  • Eating

Peanut butter slice

I have always been obsessed with peanut butter, but recently the obsession has taken itself to a new level. One daily dose of peanut butter is just not enough! So I found myself one Saturday night making a raw peanut butter slice. I didn’t really follow any particular recipe, but it tastes fantastic! Here is the rough recipe:

Base: blend 1 ½ cups almonds, 1 cup dates, 11/4 cup hot water, 2 Tblsp coconut oil until it becomes kind of a dough consistency.

Push into a small container lined with glad wrap and set in freezer

Middle: blend; 1 cup soaked cashew (6-8 hours), 3 Tblsp peanut butter, ½ cup melted coconut oil, ¼ cup of sweetener eg. Honey, maple syrup or rice malt

This part works best if you blend the mixture for a long time eg. 3-5 minutes. Then pour over the base and set in the freezer for about 30-60 minutes.

Topping: over a stove or in the microwave melt 2 Tblsp raw cacao powder with 1/2 cup coconut oil – wait until the mixture has cooled before pouring it over the slice

Freeze until it is all set and then enjoy! (in moderation if you can manage… but if you’re anything like me that can be a struggle)

  • Pondering

The importance of being in the moment

I am definitely guilty of being someone who has countdowns until certain events, whether it be until the end of term, Christmas or holidays! Although I find this motivational and something to keep me powering through I think it has its pitfalls. The most major one being not appreciating everyday that I have at the moment. These days can just become numbers ticked off a countdown and blur into one another. In the end those are the days that make up our life! I have 6 years of studying ahead of me (and probably many more after that) so I hope to make the most of all those terms and not just the parts in between.

  • Moving

To music

I have always been someone who finds music super motivating while working out. There is something about the buzz and excitement that music can provide that allows you to push that little bit harder every time. I have also had the pleasure of flowing to some amazing yogi tracks in classes and found they are very effective in distracting me from my thoughts and really just noticing how I am moving. Many of the gym classes I take also incorporate music as tracks, which is a great way of getting a solid 3-4 minutes of hard work followed by time for rest and recovery before the next track starts. So whatever form of exercise you chose to do, try adding some music in and notice how it might change the dynamics of your activity!

  • Aiming to

Develop a way to remember things! If anyone has any great ways to remember every muscle of the arm, shoulder and legs as well as their nerve supply, please feel free to share! After a hectic few weeks I am still struggling to get my head around how I will recall all of these names and functions without just rote learning it. Pneumonics are fun, but I think they gave up by the time it got to muscles…

  • Grateful for

I often find this section the hardest because I have so many abundant things in my life that I am grateful for! However, last week was a wonderful week of reinforcement for me. There were so many things that happened that made me more confident than ever that I am on the right track and doing the right thing. Even though I never doubted myself it is always nice to get that feedback and reassurance that things are going to plan.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone, enjoy the sunshine while you can and remember to take some time out of the day to recognise what you are grateful for.

Love, Peta xxx