Hi all, sorry for my (Peta) recent absence from WILW! These past few weeks although I have been on holidays have been fairly hectic. But I am back and hope you enjoy this weeks WILW!

  • Watching 

Pete Evans - Betrayal series 

I usually do not spend a long time scrolling through Facebook but I am very glad that I saw a link to this series posted by Chef Pete Evans. The one I watched was about gluten and inflammation. It was really clear that the amount of research on gluten and its systemic effects on the digestive tract has increased dramatically in the last decade. Many experts in this series linked conditions such as Crohn's, ulcerative colitis and IBS to the inflammatory effects of gluten. It has also become clear recently that there is a range of gluten sensitivity and just because you are not coeliac does not mean you do not possess some sensitivity to it.

  • Quoting

This has been a quote I had as my computer screen saver on and off for a few years. I like it because it is a good daily reminder to take all the opportunities that come into your life. Upon reflection though you do begin to notice that you are often more aware of the opportunities you let slip by rather than regretful of those you took. So this is my Wednesday reminder to you to go and take chances because there is no reward in always living a cautious life in fear of screwing up.

  • Eating

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie!

Pumpkin Smoothie
Pumpkin Smoothie

This one is inspired by the lovely Lola Berry and one of the smoothies at her cafe Happy Place in Melbourne. Erica was lucky enough to work here for a while before she went on exchange and I visited when I came to Melbourne to see Erica and tried the Pumpkin Pie Smoothie. And oh boy, was it was love at first taste! So if you have not tried it and you are near the Melbourne area I would suggest pooping in. However, this week I was on holidays in Mildura so I did the best I could at re-creating this amazing smoothie.

  • Detoxifying

Lemon and ACV Tea

Erica and I have decided to introduce a new segment to WILW focusing on simple tips that we use daily to help reduce the chemical burden of modern life.

For me one of my daily habits that I swear by is drinking lemon and apple cider vinegar tea every morning! This is such a simple habit that once you have started becomes second nature. I have it first thing in the morning when I wake up, followed  by green tea of course! I usually just use 1/4 of a lemon and squeeze it into a mug with 1-2 caps on ACV (this can be purchased from the supermarket or any health food store), then fill it with hot water. The taste may seem a bit strange to begin with but I promise it will become something you crave each morning. Another handy tip is to get lots of lemons while they are in season, juice them and freeze this into ice cubes so when they are out of season (and really expensive) you can just use the ice cubes in your tea each morning.

  • Grateful for


After a hectic term the last few months, as always my sleep bank took quite the hit. So I was very grateful when the holidays came around and I had the opportunity to catch up on some well deserved and required sleep! For me, someone that generally wakes up pretty early naturally I find that going to sleep earlier works a lot better for me in order to get a good nights sleep rather than just relying on sleeping in. My first few days at home I managed to get about 10-11 hours sleep each night, definitely affirming that I needed the sleep!

Have a wonderful Wednesday people!


Peta xx