WILW #32

Hello all! Peta here, Can you believe it is Wednesday already?! I really can't! Have a great day because before you know it this week will be all but over. Here is what I am loving this week:

  • Watching

Recently I watched a documentary with my parents about sleep and dreaming. It was super interesting and is clearly a field of science that is ever evolving. It is kind of crazy to think about how much we do not know about what we spend 1/3 of our life doing! Despite this lack of knowledge it is very clear that sleep is absolutely crucial to daily functioning and something we just cannot live without. So appreciate those blissful hours you get each night and do not take them for granted because you really do not realise how important they are until you start giving them up. I am someone that truly believes you are way better off getting a good nights sleep before something important than spending hours up late at night going over notes, rehearsing or stressing about it!

  • Quoting

I love this quote because it forces me to think about what I consider to be a dream and begin to take actions and plan how it can become reality. I believe having the ability to dream is one of our greatest traits as humans but what is even greater is when we are able to make them reality! Do not ever think something is too big or hard, as they say, Rome was not built in a day…so break it down and make a plan to achieve small successes one bit at a time. I also like this quote because I am a big fan of plans! They bring consciousness to the aim and by writing it down and putting effort into planning we have already invested the energy into starting to make it happen. But this is also a double edged sword... do not get to fixated on the end goal and forget that the journey is really what dreams are about!

  • Eating



When I am not sure what to cook for dinner I always end up making curry! It is such an easy dish, can be frozen and if done right can be packed with veggies and antioxidant rich spices! The curry I made a few nights ago was easily one of the best yet! I completely made it up but I will be putting up the recipe very soon! So stay posted :)

  • Pondering

Work and happiness

After a recent discussion with a good friend a few things have remained on my mind. We both agreed that we are positive people and find that we are genuinely happy every single day. We were also taken aback by reflecting on how many people in our lives did not appear to share this happiness most days. It is true, everyone has their ups and downs but I truly do not believe each day should be a struggle. There should be significantly more good days than bad. If you feel as though each day is drag or there is nothing to look forward it may be time to take the time to reflect on what you are doing every day. I believe that society has set up the expectation that ‘work’ should not be enjoyable and we should all work purely to earn a living. But truly, if that is where you spend majority of your day you really should be doing something you enjoy! What a waste to spend so much time in a negative state of mind because you do not like you work. It's normal for us all to look forward to the weekend but if you find that it is the only thing getting you through the week, maybe you need to take some time and reconsider how you want to live! Obviously, I have little experience in this department but I do value the importance of doing things that make you happy and I honestly do not think work should be endured just so you can afford to pursue things that you actually enjoy. In our modern society there are so many ways to earn money that there really is no excuse not to follow your true desires, as you never know where they may lead you!

Also remember if you are finding you struggle on a day-to-day basis there are so many resources out there that are there to help. Do not doubt the positive influence reaching out to a friend or a helpline can have!

  • Moving

GRIT Strength

I gave this class a go last week and it was awesome! It is based on recent research about high intensity interval training, so the entire class is only 30 minutes long. It involves short reps of exercises followed by short breaks just long enough to almost get your breath back. This class in particular also involved weights along with body weight exercises. It is a fantastic class to get your heart rate up quickly and get an effective workout in a very short period of time! If you do not like the idea of group fitness classes there are heaps of HIIT style at home workouts that you can try! Or check out mine I posted a while back.

  • Aiming to

Wake up at a consistent time


Although I generally do this pretty well there are some days that my wake time will swap around depending on what I have on that day. However, I do know that the weeks I stick to waking the same time each morning it is a lot easier to get up as soon as the alarm goes off. By setting your body clock to a consistent time, despite what time you go to bed (although keeping this also consistent also helps!) your body is more alert and ready to go every morning. I also find I am so much more productive if I wake up earlier and do something (exercise, yoga, even clean) before beginning my day. This gives both your mind and body time to wake up by doing reasonably simple tasks that get your blood pumping.

  • Detoxifying

Green Tea


This is by far my favourite tea of all time, and I am certainly not the only one, as green tea is actually one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Even better, it is also fantastic for detoxifying! Green tea is filled with many powerful antioxidants that are important in scavenging free radicals around the body, an important process in detoxifying. But what I think the best part about green tea is (beside the taste of course) is that it has the ability to boost your body’s own ability to remove toxins and detoxify. So by drinking this tea you are able to support your livers natural detoxifying role by supporting important enzymes in this process and improving overall health. However, the benefits of green tea go well beyond just detoxifying… if you have any spare time do some research into studies done around the effects of green tea on whole body health, reducing blood pressure and also even reducing cancer risk. It is really interesting the amazing potential of such a simple tea.

  • Apping

Daily Horoscope

I have had this app for a few years and never have I found a horoscope that is more accurate! It gives you a daily horoscope and honestly most days are relevant to something in my life! Even if you do not believe in horoscopes and the like I would encourage you to download and give it an opportunity!

  • Grateful for


This may seem a little bit odd… but many of us fail to recognise the crucial role of bacteria in our every day life. In fact, you are made up of more bacterial cells than you are human… Our modern world has crowned bacteria as the arch nemesis and something we must avoid at all costs eg. Antibacterial soaps and antibiotics, which are all aimed at killing bacteria. However, there must be some recognition for the important role of commensal bacteria that call our bodies home, especially our gut. These little guys have such a major influence on not just our food digestion but also our immune system and mood. We recently had a lecture about the micro biome and although I was already highly aware of its importance I was really grateful to see its recognition in a formal way in the medical program. I would definitely say watch this space! I think there are going to be many revolutionary outcomes made as we begin to learn more and more about these bacteria that inhabit our guts and the way they influence so many diseases.

Stay healthy,

Peta xx