It's back, I'm back! Hey there. Wow, it's been a while since I've written and a REALLY long time since my last WILW post - sorry! I've missed writing so much, and I've missed connecting with all the beautiful souls who read/visit our site. I hope you've all been having a great start to 2017 and kicking whatever goals you may have set for this year. 

Now, before I get down to all the cool stuff I want to share with you today, here's a little update to let you know where Peta and I (and Berry, Berry Happy) are right now. Firstly, after 34 very well-received editions of What I'm Loving Wednesday (WILW), Peta and I decide to stop making it weekly because, to be perfectly honest, our week-to-week lives aren't quite that exciting! We don't want to keep anyone under the false illusion that every week we read a new book, listen to a new podcast, do a new type of exercise etc... So, rather than making the post a chore that we "have" to do every week, we've decided to make it a special feature that will pop up intermittently. 

You may have also noticed our brand new site! After plenty of discussion, Peta and I decided we really wanted to take Berry, Berry Happy to the next level, so please take a look around while you're here. This new site includes a much easier to use Recipes page, complete with photos of (almost) every recipe. However, the real highlight is that we now have an ONLINE STORE stocking the amazing Australian-made, natural mineral makeup range created by our beautiful mother. We are not selling these products just because of the familial connection, but rather because Peta and I have used them for the past 10 years and we swear by them. Plus, because they are totally natural, they fit perfectly with the Berry, Berry Happy ethos. It's not just about what you put in your body, but also what you put on it! 

Without any further ado, here is WILW ED #35!

Reading: Jasper Jones
After seeing a few trailers for the new Jasper Jones film that was released earlier this year I was determined to read the book before I saw the film (I've always been more of a bookworm anyway). Fortunately, one of my friend's had a copy that I borrowed and proceeded to devour! This is absolutely a book you cannot put down, and with each chapter there are unexpected twists and turns right up until the last page. It also deals with some pretty important social issues (in the context of 1960s Australia) with regard to racism, the Vietnam War, and small-town attitudes and corruption. It's even been termed the Australian 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. Definitely a fantastic crime/coming-of-age fiction read.

jasper jones.jpg

Watching: You Can't Ask That
This is a relatively new ABC show based around the idea of asking the questions of marginalised groups/individuals that are socially unacceptable under normal circumstances. I watched a couple of episodes last year when it first aired and then the other night I watched a few more with my housemate. What I love about this show is that it really emphasises that every single person, regardless of their race, religion, occupation, history, romantic choices, or physical appearance, is just a human being doing the very best they can. It can be confronting and raw at times, but it really helps to breakdown some of the stereotypes around the groups they choose to interview. Great, bite-sized episodes to open up your mind!

Listening to:

fever the ghost.jpg

This song has become a favourite in our house after my good mate, Tyler, shared it on his weekly playlist - which is epic by the way, and is pretty much on repeat on my Spotify. On that note, if you want to expand your musical repertoire Tyler is doing great things on his new music blog, which is linked to his Soundcloud podcasts about his playlist of the week (which you can also follow on Spotify). I can't really describe to you what it sounds like or why it is so good, to understand you really just need to listen (and watch the Youtube video clip that goes with it - the animation is awesome). It is a great study/work tune!


I found this quote last night after stumbling across the So Worth Loving account during a little Instagram-scrolling sess (guilty!). I loved all of their posts, but this quote in particular really resonated with me. This quote, whilst being quite specific in its connotations, I think applies quite beautifully to the broader concept of self-worth and self-love. It is important that you love yourself enough to know that you are worthy of love at all times of the day, on your good days and your bad days, in the light and the dark. You deserve people who will love you openly, publicly, unashamedly. You are so worth loving!

Eating: Slow-cooked Beef Cheeks (Jamie Oliver)
I always like to challenge myself in the cooking department and so on my last trip to the markets I noticed some beef cheeks at my favourite organic butcher's stall and thought "Why not?". I can only recall one other time when I ate beef cheeks at Paleo Cafe in Adelaide and they were heavenly! After a quick Google I found this recipe and after a few tweaks (namely more veggies, no milk or chocolate and served on sweet potato) and several hours of slow cooking I had a delicious, hearty and nourishing meal. I am a huge-fan of slow cooked meats, for convenience, health and taste and this recipe is no exception.

Aiming to: take care of myself! 
At this point I think I sound like a broken record in this department, but that's because I have to keep learning the same lesson! Upon moving back to Melbourne at the end of February I threw myself into a truly maddening schedule of balancing uni, part-time work, casual work, volunteering, social events, and furniture hunting/buying/moving. For almost six weeks I went pedal to the metal flat-out, leaving very little time for all the good things that I know I need to function well (i.e. sleep, yoga, meditation, blogging and alone time). In the past week I have had the space and clarity to realise that by putting absolutely everything else first I end up over-worked, exhausted, anxious and just a bit sad. Thankfully, due to years of experience, I know how to take care of myself pretty well these days and so after a few nights of solid sleep, returning to my yoga mat each and every morning and making sure I take some time to relax at the end of the day I am feeling very much restored. 

I know so many people like me who run on empty for way too much of their lives. You know if you do this, you know what it feels like. So, this week, I urge you just to start doing one small thing each day to take care of yourself and let it grow from there. After all, you are a human being, not a human doing (*quote is totally not mine, but I love it!).

Moving: running
Much to my own surprise, as a previously open hater of running, I've started running pretty regularly (2-4 times per week). I've really noticed that when you start to do something regularly it becomes something you crave and look forward to. For me, putting on a good playlist and going for a run is a great way to burn off any stress, fatigue or anxiety I might be feeling; I always return feeling sweaty, but lighter and brighter. I am also loving the Run Tracker app, which tracks your distance, speed, time etc. It is a great way to stay motivated and focus on the performance side of exercise rather than physical aesthetic changes.

What exercise makes you feel this way? How can you make time to do more of what makes you feel good (and this is different for all of us)?

Grateful for: study days
Last Sunday I took the day off work and spent the entire day inside, in my pyjamas, studying for an upcoming test. Not only was it great to have a productive, yet relaxing, day at home, but it reminded me of how grateful I am to have so much information and knowledge at my fingertips. Sure, study can be dull at times, but just the fact that I am at university makes me more fortunate than so many other people in this world - a fact that I am very aware of. Another bonus of my study day - it was pouring with rain outside and so I got to enjoy the comfort of being inside with endless cups of tea! Gratitude should not just be reserved for the things in life that are obviously good, but should extend to everything - even study!

I would love to hear what things you've been loving lately? Leave a comment below or send us a message via the Contact Us page.

Love Erica x