Real Friends, Really Cool Blogs

I'm pretty big on gratitude and one thing I am consistently grateful for is the bunch of incredible people all over the world that I get to call my friends. I've been wanting to do something along these lines for a while now, a kind of shout out to my real life friends and acquaintances who have some pretty epic stuff happening online. 

So here is a less than comprehensive list of some of the blogs I know and love thanks to the great people who are behind them. I would suggest, rather than reading as I ramble on about how great they are, that you simply open up some tabs and head on over to their sites. Show them some love and support for the great content they are working hard to create. I've also attempted some sort of categorisation, although many of them overlap between these arbitrary groupings.


Music I'm Loving This Week - Tyler Trevaskis

Besides being one of my very best mates, Tyler is my go-to person for music and thanks to him I've slowly, but surely, been able to draw myself away from mainstream pop and expand my horizons to include some funkier and more eclectic tunes. His newest venture is a weekly Soundcloud podcast/Spotify playlist which never fails to disappoint and keeps me on top of the latest music news. Go follow his playlist, you're life will be more joyful for it.

Honey Chords - Emma Corponi

Emma is probably my oldest friend, we've been pals since before we could walk or talk, and so I was super excited to hear that she is pursuing her love of all things music in the form of a blog. Although it's only in its infancy, her reviews are great and thanks to her I've been introduced to some pretty sweet tunes. This girl is going places, so jump on the bandwagon... your ears will thank you for it. 


She Said To Be Cool - Annabelle Winslow

Annabelle's blog and Instagram exude everything that is cool, hip and chic about her. She writes about the cool fashion finds she unearths in Melbourne, her adventures with friends and feminist issues. One of my favourite posts is her interview with our mutual and fabulous friend, Caitlin, who funnily enough is the author of the next featured blog.

Caitlin Hicks

Caitlin is probably one of the coolest, happiest and most authentic and fashionable people I have had the pleasure of knowing. Her online presence is currently undergoing some updating to best represent her and her work, so stay tuned for that in the coming months. In the meantime you can get a taste of her work (and ridiculous talent) through her visually stunning online portfolio. You can also follow her adventures on her Instagram. Also, credit for the image featured on this post goes to Caitlin!


Thrive - Katie Tankard

Katie was one of the first people I was introduced to when I first became interested in the whole holistic health and wellness world, and since then we've gone on to become good friends. Katie is absolutely full of wisdom when it comes to being your healthiest self from a place of love and positivity, and her fitness classes are always incredible. She is particularly knowledgable when it comes to a balanced approach to nutrition and exercise for optimal health, and incorporating essential oils into your daily life. Katie shares much of her wisdom on her site - Thrive, it's well worth a visit if you're looking to live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Iles Files - Harriet Iles

Harriet was the year above me at high school and although I never got to know her super well she always inspired me with her many talents and natural abilities. Probably a little over a year ago I found out that she has a beautiful blog, Iles Files, on which she documents her travels, health and fitness inspiration. Aside from being an all-round pocket rocket, Harriet is also a Body Image Movement ambassador, which involves spreading the message about self love and positive body image across the world. Head over to Iles Files to immerse yourself in Harriet's beautiful pictures and inspiring words.

Thought Provoking

Femme Heroine - Lily Hoffman

Another old school acquaintance, Lily has recently completed her Journalism degree at Bond University and launched her very own website featuring articles by an array of young writers, mostly concerning feminism in the 21st century. When I first read Femme Heroine I was blown away by the 'realness' and relatability of the content, it is a definite must-read for anyone interested in social justice, equality, feminism, or reading about the trials and tribulations of Gen Y/Z life.

Summed Up - Gabriel Dwyer

The site tagline, 'Complex ideas concluded with two simple lines', gives some insight into the concept behind my good mate Gabe's blog, Summed Up. Basically, Gabe is someone who loves to think and question and unpack and examine concepts, ideas, constructs and assumptions and try to figure them all out. On Summed Up he does this in his own eloquent and impeccably logical manner, exploring all kinds of ideas from productivity to Batman, and entrepreneurs to existentialism. If you're looking for a read that makes you think, then head on over and dive right in... but don't forget to read the Pre-Flight Briefing first.

So there you have it, if nothing else I hope you found a link to something exciting and interesting amongst all those. And here's one final shout out, to my friends who blog and those who don't, for constantly opening my mind and my eyes to the many wonders of the world around us. I quite literally wouldn't be the person I am today without you all.

Who in your life inspires you or creates fantastic content that ought to be shared?

Love Erica xx